Donovan's Word Jar
  • 1. Tasha felt______when she heard the dogs growling at her.
A) vacant
B) perserverance
C) uneasy
D) disappointment
  • 2. Jason tried not to show his______when he couldn't go with his friends.
A) leisure
B) chortle
C) disappointment
D) anxious
  • 3. Jasmine lives to read when she has_____time.
A) compromise
B) perserverance
C) leisure
D) uneasy
  • 4. They finally reached a__________after arguing for over two hours.
A) retire
B) leisure
C) compromise
D) chortle
  • 5. Vincent tried not to______too loudly when his sister was singing.
A) retire
B) uneasy
C) leisure
D) chortle
  • 6. Because of Jason's______in practicing the piano, he won a music award.
A) chorle
B) disappointment
C) perserverance
D) laziness
  • 7. Why does Donavan want to visit Grandma?
A) He wants to invite her for dinner.
B) he wants to get out of his house.
C) He wants to keep her company.
D) He thinks she can help him solve his problem.
  • 8. Donovan's problem is that he is______.
A) running out of word ideas
B) getting tired of his collection
C) not familiar with the definitions for many words
D) running out of space in his word collection jar
  • 9. When the story says Donavan stepped out into a "steady drizzle," this means he went out into a_______.
A) special garden
B) heavy rain
C) light rain
D) playground
  • 10. The best thing about Grandma's new apartment is Donovan_______.
A) can see Grandma anytime he wants
B) gets to sign the guest book when he visits
C) can walk there by himself
D) gets to talk to Mr. Bill Gut, the security guard
  • 11. Grandma's apartment reminded Donavan of a______.
A) collection of junk
B) patchwork quilt
C) picture wall
D) group of colorful, warm, cozy, items
  • 12. Donavan visits his grandfather by______.
A) walking to his house
B) calling him on the phone
C) looking at his pictures on Grandma's picture wall
D) going to his house with his father
  • 13. Which word in Donavan's collection means "cheat"?
A) bamboozle
B) catalog
C) kaleidoscope
D) emporium
  • 14. At frist, Donavan doesn't want to trade his words for something else because he______.
A) doesn't have enough words to trade for anything
B) thinks Grandma doesn't like the idea
C) thinks nothing else is worth as much
D) has been cheated before
  • 15. After Donavan decides to add a word to his collection, he______.
A) uses the word in conversation
B) adds the word to the jar
C) checks the word's meaning and spelling
D) shows it to his sister
  • 16. Why does Donavan feel disappointed with his grandma?
A) she doesn't want to come to dinner at his house.
B) She wants him to give his words away.
C) She seems unable to solve his problem for him.
D) she doesn't understand the meaning of the words.
  • 17. Donavan first discovers that his words can help others when______.
A) he makes Grandma laugh about Mr. Bill Gut
B) Miz Marylou and Mr. Bill Gut come to an agreement
C) Miss Millie and Mr. Foote start talking together
D) Nikki falls asleep after he sings her a lullaby
  • 18. At the end of the story, Donavan feels like a magician because______.
A) he plays tricks on the people in Grandma's apartment building
B) his words change the people in Grandma's apartment building
C) the sun is shining in Grandma's apartment building
D) he has a magicians costume
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