The Gardener
  • 1. Megan was______to get to school because she was going on a class trip.
A) anxious
B) adore
C) retire
D) vacant
  • 2. Todd has on a bright red shirt, so you will have no trouble______him.
A) sprucing
B) anxious
C) adore
D) recognizing
  • 3. My baseball team cleaned up a_______lot so we could make a ball field.
A) vacant
B) sprucing
C) recognizing
D) retire
  • 4. All the children______the baby kittens because they are so cute and loving.
A) vacant
B) retire
C) adore
D) sprucing
  • 5. They spent a lot of time______up their house because it needed a lot of repairs.
A) adore
B) recognizing
C) retire
D) sprucing
  • 6. My grandfather can't wait to______from his job so he can travel around the world.
A) retire
B) sprucing
C) anxious
D) adore
  • 7. Why does Lydia go to live with Uncle Jim?
A) because Uncle Jim is helping out until her father gets work
B) beacuse she wants to learn how to bake
C) beacause she wants to plant flowers
D) beacause her partents want her to go to school in the city
  • 8. Why does Lydia Grace write to Uncle Jim the first time?
A) She wants him to know she will be helpful to him when she comes to live with him.
B) Unlce jim loves to get letters.
C) Her mother tells her to write to him.
D) Uncle Jim had chased her mother up trees when they were little.
  • 9. Why does Lydia feel that she can help Unlce Jim?
A) because she is small but strong
B) because she is his niece
C) beacuse she knows a lot about gardening
D) because she is anxious to learn baking
  • 10. What excites Lydiua when she arrives at Unlce Jim's?
A) a pretty dress and a hat
B) seeds and bulbs
C) window boxes and sunshine
D) a garden and a sidewalk
  • 11. What does Lydia grace notice about Uncle Jim?
A) He has a big nose and mustache.
B) He doesn't talk
C) He loves drawings.
D) He doesn't smile.
  • 12. Lydia Grace thinks Uncle Jim likes the poem she wrote because he______.
A) smiles but says nothing about it
B) smiles
C) syas that he likes it
D) reads it aloud and puts it in his pocket
  • 13. Lydia Grace remembers Grandma's saying, "April showers bring May flowers." In this selection, April showers bring May flowers means______.
A) seeds are sprouting in April
B) it rains only in April
C) all flowers bloom in May
D) flowers need water to grow
  • 14. Where is Lydia Grace's secret place?
A) in the vacant lot
B) on the roof
C) on the farm
D) in her bedroom
  • 15. What does Lydia Grace want most to happen at the bakery?
A) to be helpful
B) to keep Otis for her own
C) to be able to knead dough well
D) to see Uncle Jim smile
  • 16. What challenge does Lydia Grace face in this selection?
A) living away from home
B) learning how to speak Latin
C) finding a secret place
D) taking care of Otis
  • 17. Which best decribes Lydia Grace?
A) nervous
B) lonely
C) lazy
D) cheerful
  • 18. Why does Lydia Grace use capital letters to write the words "I'M COMING HOME!"?
A) Ed and Emma tell her to use capital letters.
B) She likes capital letters.
C) She is excited to be going home.
D) She makes a mistake.
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