N.V 3rd Assessment for JSS1
  • 1. 1. _____ refers to the relationship which exists between an individual and the country he lives
A) Human Rights
B) Citizenship
C) Partnership
D) Friendship
  • 2. 2. The duties and obligations of a citizen include ______
A) Defence of their fatherland
B) Fighting with the Government
C) Supporting evil acts in the society
D) Embezzlement of nation's fund
  • 3. 3. _____ are certain things and actions which the citizens are expected to do for their country
A) Supports
B) Orders
C) Duties
D) Rights
  • 4. 4. Rights of a citizen include all but one
A) Right to life
B) Right to basic needs
C) Right to fair hearing
D) Freedom of joining any political association
  • 5. 5. Example of cult groups in Nigeria include all except _____
A) The dragon
B) Black eye
C) Scorpion
D) Black devil
  • 6. 6. Cooperation is define as _______
A) Situation when the government gives the citizens their rights
B) The process whereby group of people are working together for common goals
C) Situation where Schools are ready to impact positively on their students
D) Process whereby parents carries our their responsibilities
  • 7. 7. The person must take an oath of allegiance, this is a process of becoming a ______
A) Citizen
B) Good leader
C) Getting ones rights
D) President
  • 8. 8. Consequences of Cultism include all except ____
A) The cult member will be depressed
B) Embarrassment for families and parents
C) Disruption of academic activities
D) Breakdown of law and order
  • 9. 9. Which of the following is a type of female cult groups
A) Amazons
B) Scorpion
C) Bucanneers
D) Temple of eve
  • 10. 10. Attribute of cooperation is _____
A) All of the above
B) Common efforts
C) Helping each other
D) Willingness to assist
  • 11. 11. One of the factors that promote cooperation is ______
A) Believe
B) Satisfaction
C) Humility
D) Progress
  • 12. 12. A citizen is a ______ member of a State with full constitutional rights
A) Neutral
B) Honorary
C) Legal
D) Responsible
  • 13. 13. When people decide to cooperate with one another in society towards achieving a set of goal, they will end up living a _____ life
A) Quiet
B) Stubborn
C) Miserable
D) Wicked
  • 14. 14. When people cooperate and work with team spirit to carry out a task, it'll bring a _____ change in their society
A) Negative
B) Both positive and negative
C) Positive
D) Worthless
  • 15. 15. Family is defined as _____
A) A union of government working together to build a nation
B) A group of people working together in a company
C) A group of people living together and are related by blood
D) Group of people working together to achieve a goal
  • 16. 16. Nuclear family consists of _____
A) Father, mother, children, grandchildren and great grand parents
B) Father, mother, children and grandchildren
C) Father, mother, grandchildren and grandparents
D) Father, mother and children
  • 17. 17. A large family finds it difficult to ____ because of many members imvolved
A) To play with the family
B) To help others
C) Live with the family
D) Plan the family well
  • 18. 18. In a large family, there will be difficulty in _____
A) Child spacing
B) Family accountability
C) Child bearing
D) Family planning
  • 19. 19. A small sized family is mostly common in a ____
A) Polygamous family
B) Nuclear family
C) Monogamous family
D) Extended family
  • 20. 21. Consequences of large family size on national economy include ____
A) Economic growth
B) Depression
C) General inflation
D) National disaster
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