Hemo The Magnificent MOVIE
  • 1. The cartoon character is named HEMO, which is the Greek word for
A) skin
B) blood
C) water
D) saliva
  • 2. Blood was used for plants and later found it ______ the plants.
A) killed
B) fertilized
C) watered
  • 3. In the 1600's William Harvey had dscovered the circulatory system except for
A) capillaries
B) arteries
C) the heart
D) veins
  • 4. The heart has ____ chambers with matching one-way valves
A) two
B) three
C) four
  • 5. Most Animals have a heart and circulatory system
A) True
B) False
  • 6. In Ten DAYS the human heart could fill
A) a two liter bottle
B) a swimming pool
C) a gas tank
  • 7. The heart will pump OUTSIDE the body for a short time, and LONGER time if it has the right fluid.
A) True
B) False
  • 8. The blood pressure changes if you stand too fast, and your heart
A) speeds up to keep the pressure
B) is scared
C) slows down to keep BP low
  • 9. Your heart is regulated by these others but NOT your
A) nerves
B) muscles
C) bones
  • 10. These have one way valves to keep the blood flowing correctly and are heped by muscle movement (especially exercise)
A) arteries
B) capillaries
C) veins
  • 11. Blood is composed of fluid most like
A) sea water
B) pond water
C) pure water
  • 12. The capillary vessels are so small that they are ONE cell wide and fifty of them bundled together would still be smaller than a
A) pencil
B) finger
C) human hair
  • 13. Blood cells laid side by side would be equal to one inch
A) 3000
B) 300
C) 300000
  • 14. When you are ACTIVE the blood is moved to the
A) STOMACH/Diegstive Sys
  • 15. When you are RELAXED blood is moved to the
A) Digestive system
B) Muscles
C) Brain
  • 16. When you pass out or are knocked out, your body goes horizontal (on the floor) because
A) you need to stand up
B) your blood flow can get to the brain and wake you up
C) little people are running arounf=d inside your body
  • 17. We now know that SHOCK is the body
A) what happens when you are scared
B) trying to get blood to the center of the body, vital organs to survive
C) taking a break
  • 18. Since this movie was made, science has explained nothing more about the circulatory system
  • 19. Human hearts beat about ____ times per minute, at rest
A) 70-80
B) 60-70
C) 45-60
  • 20. The blood pressure rises when you are stressed just as the heart beats faster
  • 21. A way to keep your heart healthy is to rest as much as possible
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