Digestive System and ABC Life steps
__1. BloodA. teeth cut & grind, saliva starts chemical breakdown of food
__2. BolusB. blocks food and fluids at windpipe
__3. EpiglottisC. bite of food, on way to stomach
__4. Large IntestineD. Acids and Enzymes, added to bolus
__5. LiverE. Absorbs most of nutrients from food
__6. MouthF. Filters blood, helps break down fats from food
__7. PancreasG. Absorbs the water and liquids from food
__8. Rectum / AnusH. Wastes (undigested foods) excreted
__9. Small IntestineI. Adds enzymes to digestion and INSULIN for sugar breakdown
__10. StomachJ. Helps transport nutrients and H2O to ALL cells
__11. "Are you OK? " GENTLE shakeA. find unconcious victim, FIRST STEP if it is SAFE!
__12. Check the neckB. "Raise your hand if you want to be saved", spine straight
__13. Listen, look and feelC. A- Airway - Most important step, over 50% of the time, ONLY
__14. Tilt head, chin liftD. C- Carotid. Pulse circulation check
__15. turn over to back, positioningE. B- Breathing check over 10 seconds
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