Text Features
  • 1. Where is the table of contents located in a book?
A) In the front of the book.
B) In the middle of the book.
C) It is not located in a book.
D) In the back of the book
  • 2. Which of the following is not a text feature?
A) Illustrations
B) Maps
C) Charts
D) Dialogue
  • 3. Captions are usually located where?
A) By a picture/illustration
B) listed as a heading
C) In the table of contents
D) On a map
  • 4. Why would a word be bolded or in a different color?
A) To hide it
B) To stand out
C) To show that it is not important
D) To blend it in
  • 5. How would you show many things being compared?
A) Charts
B) Fonts
C) Table of Contents
D) Headings
  • 6. Her smile was sunshine. What is this an example of?
A) Metaphor
B) Alliteration
C) Simile
D) Onomatopoeia
  • 7. The horse was as quick as lightning. This is an example of what?
A) Alliteration
B) Dialogue
C) Metaphor
D) Simile
  • 8. The events that make up a story are the story's what?
A) Theme
B) Characters
C) Plot
D) Setting
  • 9. What the story teaches you is called what?
A) Character
B) Setting
C) Theme
D) Plot
  • 10. Where and when the story takes place is called what?
A) Setting
B) Character
C) Plot
D) Theme
  • 11. A textbook is which of the following?
A) A book used to cheer a sad person up.
B) A book to help you look-up the definition of a word.
C) A book used for the study of a particular subject.
D) A book the helps you fix something.
  • 12. What isn't an example of a periodical?
A) Magazine
B) Newspaper
C) Textbook
D) Journal
  • 13. Sally sits on the seashore. This is an example of what?
A) Simile
B) Idiom
C) Setting
D) Alliteration
  • 14. A poem about the circus. What did it do to the reader?
A) Entertain
B) Persude
C) Inform
  • 15. An article about the steps to wash your hands. what was the purpose of the article?
A) Persuade
B) Entertain
C) Inform
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