English Language 3rd C.A. for SS 2
  • 1. Identify whether the group of words in CAPITAL LETTERS is a phrase or a clause. She studied UNDER THE STREET LIGHT.
A) Clause
B) Phrase
  • 2. What grammatical name and function is the expression CAPITALIZED? He glanced OUT OF THE WINDOWS.
A) Adjectival phrase. It describes the pronoun 'he'.
B) Adverbial phrase. It modifies the verb "glanced".
C) Verb phrase. It functions as the action.
D) Noun phrase. It functions as the object of the sentence.
  • 3. Identify the correct stressed syllable.
A) reVOlutionary
B) revoluTIONary
C) revoLUtionary
D) REvolutionary
  • 4. Identify the correct stressed syllable.
A) inevitabiliTY
B) inevitabiLIty
C) INevitability
D) inevitaBIlity
  • 5. Which syllable should take the stress in the word 'pedagogically'?
A) Second syllable
B) Fourth syllable
C) First syllable
D) Third syllable
  • 6. The emphasis, force or energy placed on a particular syllable in a word is called ____
A) stress
B) Empathy
C) Sentence
D) Punctuation
  • 7. Which of the following is a poly-syllabic word?
A) Inform
B) Elastic
C) Congregationalism
D) Consider
  • 8. How is the word 'false' nominalized?
A) fool
B) falsehood
C) falsify
D) falsy
  • 9. The verb 'interpret' in noun form is _____
A) interpretation
B) interpreting
C) interptrete
D) interpreted
  • 10. Pick the correct option. Is that the baby ______ Bisola carried yesterday?
A) whom
B) who
C) which
D) so
  • 11. Pick the correct option. I do not understand ________ our teacher has been talking about.
A) which
B) those
C) what
D) if
  • 12. Pick the correct option. Mr. Aliyu _______ window was broken by the student has reported to the police.
A) whose
B) that
C) who
D) which
  • 13. Choose the option that most appropriately completes the sentence. Obtaining a scholarship these days is a rare ______.
A) previlledge
B) privilledge
C) priviledge
D) privilege
  • 14. Yawning in public without covering one’s mouth shows lack of ______.
A) etiquete
B) etiquette
C) ettiquete
D) etequete
  • 15. Choose the word that has the same consonant sound as the one represented by the CAPITALIZED letters. crunCH
A) champagne
B) chemist
C) chart
D) chef
  • 16. Choose the word that has the same consonant sound as the one CAPITALIZED. birTH
A) journal
B) girl
C) path
D) tour
  • 17. 'Manoeuvre’ means _______.
A) strategy
B) attitude
C) shrewdness
D) cleverness
  • 18. Choose the word that is nearest in meaning to the CAPITALIZED word. His father’s death DERAILED his plans to enter the university.
A) ruined
B) moved
C) failed
D) discouraged
  • 19. Don’t expect anything but HYPOCRISY from politicians.
A) engagement
B) dishonesty
C) promises
D) manifestoes
  • 20. Let us keep ______ the plans we made earlier.
A) on
B) off
C) away
D) to
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