Hugo Part 2 Comprehension Quiz
  • 1. Whose name did the automaton sign?
A) Georges Melies
B) Etienne
C) Hugo Cabret
D) Isabelle
  • 2. How did Hugo's fingers get hurt?
A) Hugo ran into a wall
B) Papa Georges hit his hand with a hammer
C) The Station Inspector stepped on Hugo's hand
D) Isabelle slammed them in a door
  • 3. How did Isabelle get the key?
A) She got it from her mom
B) She stole it from Mama Jeanne
C) She found it in the street
D) She found it in the train station
  • 4. Where does Hugo go to find out about the first movies?
A) He asks the Station Inspector
B) Papa Georges' apartment
C) Movie Theater
D) The Film Academy Library?
  • 5. Who does Hugo run into at the Film Academy Library?
A) Isabelle
B) Papa Georges
C) Etienne
D) Mama Jeanne
  • 6. What was the name of Hugo's father's favorite movie?
A) A Trip to the Moon
B) The Mechanical Man
C) A Day in the Sun
D) A Night at the Museum
  • 7. Which of the following is NOT a job George Melies has had?
A) Singer
B) Filmmaker
C) Toy Booth Owner
D) Magician
  • 8. How did they raise the money for Papa Georges' medicine?
A) Isabelle stole some money
B) Hugo & Isabelle sold the automaton
C) Hugo stole money from people's wallets
D) Hugo & Isabelle worked at the toy booth
  • 9. How did Monsieur Tabard know George Melies?
A) He went to school with Georges
B) He came to the toy booth
C) He fought with Georges in the war
D) He met Georges on a movie set & he inspired him
  • 10. What did Isabelle use to pick the lock of Papa Georges' room?
A) A paper clip
B) A bobby pin
C) A key
D) A baseball bat
  • 11. What was Mama Jeanne's old job?
A) The inventor of movies
B) A scientist
C) A ballerina
D) The star of Georges' movies
  • 12. How did Isabelle's parents die?
A) In a fire
B) Sickness
C) In a car accident
D) In a train accident
  • 13. What happened to Hugo's Uncle Claude?
A) Hiding in the train station
B) Car accident
C) Sick in a hospital
D) Drowned in the river
  • 14. All of the following describe the Station Inspector EXCEPT:
A) Has bad teeth
B) Is very kind to Hugo
C) Smells of cabbages
D) The top of one of his ears is missing
  • 15. How did Hugo almost die in Chapter 10?
A) He almost drowned
B) He almost got run over by a train?
C) He was pushed off a building
D) He almost fell into a hole
  • 16. What special piece of clothing did Papa Georges wear when he rescued Hugo from jail?
A) A cape with stars & moons on it
B) A top hat
C) A pair of red boots
D) A colorful scarf
  • 17. Six months later, where is Hugo living?
A) In the train station
B) On the streets
C) In Papa Georges' apartment
D) In a hotel
  • 18. What present did Isabelle get for her birthday that she brought to the gala?
A) A camera
B) A fan
C) A diamond necklace
D) A large purse
  • 19. What new nickname does Papa Georges give to Hugo?
A) Professor Alcofrisbas
B) Hugh
C) Professor C
D) King Hugo
  • 20. What did Hugo grow up to be?
A) A thief
B) A magician
C) A train conductor
D) A detective
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