National Values 3rd CA for JS 1
  • 1. ____________ is the study of man and his environment.
A) Biology Studies
B) Quantitative Studies
C) Physics Studies
D) Social Studies
  • 2. Man in Social Studies refers to _____
A) all animal kingdom
B) all human beings
C) all
D) all males
  • 3. Social Studies helps students to learn about the world around them.
A) Partially
B) False
C) Falls
D) True
  • 4. The term scope means _______
A) the areas covered by a given subject
B) the areas of a place
C) the areas of something.
  • 5. ____________ deals with man's belief in Almighty God.
A) All of the above
B) Religion
C) Social Studies
D) History
  • 6. _____________ deals with human behaviors.
A) Humanity
B) Psychology
C) Economics
D) Pathology
  • 7. ______________ deals with the past and present events of individuals and groups.
A) Science
B) Government
C) History
D) Humanity
  • 8. One of the objectives and importance of Social Studies is __
A) Dynamism
B) Practicality
C) Investigation
D) Moulding of character
  • 9. Integration is one of the objectives and importance of Social Studies.
A) False
B) True
C) None of the above
  • 10. One of the reasons why men live together instead of individually is for ______
A) sacrifice
B) stealing
C) killing
D) protection
  • 11. Which of the following is more related to learning Social Studies?
A) Chemistry
B) Biology
C) Physics
D) Economics
  • 12. Which of the following is not a reason for studying Social Studies?
A) To cheat in examinations
B) To know more about the world around us
C) To make a child a good citizen
D) To be responsible citizens
  • 13. Man- made environment refers to those things in our environment that are ____
A) naturally existing
B) made by The Almighty God
C) made by nature
D) made by human beings
  • 14. Examples of natural environment are ________
A) mountains
B) all of the above
C) creeks
D) oceans
  • 15. Physical environment is divided into _________
A) seven
B) five
C) two
D) three
  • 16. These are physical features except ________
A) newspaper
B) valley
C) lake
D) tree
  • 17. Which is not true of physical features? Most of them can be
A) touched
B) seen
C) felt
D) eaten
  • 18. The term environment comes from the_________ word environ.
A) Chinese
B) English
C) French
D) Arab
  • 19. ________________ is made up of man and his relationship with other people.
A) social studies
B) Physical environment
C) Business studies
D) Social environment
  • 20. Without the _____________ man cannot survive
A) artificial environment
B) social environment
C) physical environment
D) none of the above
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