Science Lab Safety Test
  • 1. Goggles are worn during science experiments -
A) to avoid eye strain
B) to improve vision
C) only if you don't have glasses
D) any time chemicals, heat, or sediments are used to protect your eyes
  • 2. If you don't understand the directions or part of a lab procedure, you should -
A) ask the teacher before you start
B) figure it out as you do the lab
C) skip it and go to the next part
D) try several methods until something works
  • 3. After completing an experiment, all material waste should be -
A) dumped into the sink
B) taken home
C) left at your table for the next class
D) disposed of according to your teacher's directions
  • 4. You have been injured in the the lab (cut, burned, etc.) First you should -
A) see a doctor after school
B) tell the teacher at once
C) apply first aid yourself
D) visit the school nurse after class
  • 5. When getting glassware and equipment for an experiment, you should -
A) All of these
B) read all directions carefully to know what equipment is needed
C) clean any glassware that looks dirty
D) examine all glassware to check for chips or cracks
  • 6. The following shoes are BEST to wear when doing science labs.
A) closed-toed shoes
B) open-toed shoes
C) sandals
D) slippers
  • 7. Horseplay or practical joking in the lab are -
A) always against the rules
B) okay
C) not dangerous
D) okay if you are working alone
  • 8. If a piece of equipment is not working you should tell -
A) the custodian
B) your teacher
C) your best friend in class
D) your lab partners
  • 9. Any spill on the floor can cause an accident. Always clean it up -
A) when you have time
B) at once
C) during clean up time
D) at the end of the day
  • 10. The correct way to move around the science classroom is to -
A) walk
B) hurry
C) skip
D) run
  • 11. Cleaning up the science classroom is the job of -
A) old students
B) new students
C) each student
D) the teacher
  • 12. Lab aprons are for -
A) when you are wearing your best clothes
B) the protection of you and your clothing
C) others to put away
D) wiping your hands
  • 13. When smelling a liquid you should -
A) waft the odor toward you
B) pour it on the table
C) use a fan
D) inhale deeply
  • 14. The most important thing during lab experiments is -
A) finishing first
B) neatness
C) safety
D) getting the correct answer
  • 15. Which of the following is considered safety equipment
A) all of these
B) fire blanket
C) classroom door
D) fire extinguisher
  • 16. When you finish working with lab equipment you should always -
A) treat your hands with skin lotion
B) wipe your hands on your clothes
C) wash your hands with soap and water
D) wipe your hands with a paper towel
  • 17. You are doing an experiment in class. Suddenly you remember you have a stick of gum in your book. What shoud you do?
A) wash your hands, then put the gum in your mouth
B) give the gum to your best friend
C) chew the gum when the teacher isn't looking
D) Don't chew the gum, it is not allowed at school.
  • 18. You picked up a dirty test tube with a sticky substance on the outside. You get some of this substance on your hand. What is the first thing you should do?
A) Wash your hands and tell the teacher
B) try to figure out what the sticky substance is
C) wipe your hands on a classmate
D) wipe your hands on your pants
  • 19. You are working on a lab involving heat. Your lab partner accidently drops a glass beaker and it shatters causing a piece of glass to go into their eye. They should have been wearing -
A) safety glasses
B) sun glasses
C) a lab coat
D) gloves
  • 20. You are doing a lab with your best girl friend when all of a sudden her hair gets caught on the balance scale. She should have -
A) worn a hat today
B) put her hair up in a rubber band
C) skipped the lab
D) gotten a hair cut before class today
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