• 1. In the phrase, "but her Uncle Rudy bought her an imitation Barbie".......imitation means
A) beautiful
B) awesome
C) huge
D) fake
  • 2. By the end of the first day she got her, how did Veronica feel about the imitation Barbie?
A) hated her
B) loved her
C) disappointed that she was not real
D) ignored her
  • 3. When Uncle Rudy came over, why was his sister (Veronica's mother) uneasy?
A) because he was very mad
B) Because Veronica hated him
C) because she hadn't seen her brother for five years
D) because she worried he was going to announce that he an Donna were getting married
  • 4. Did Veronica get a Barbie on Christmas day?
A) no
B) yes
  • 5. Who does Uncle Rudy's girlfriend look like?
A) Lindsay Lohan
B) Veronica's sister
C) Barbie
D) Veronica
  • 6. When Veronica's old doll and Barbie play....
A) Barbie's arm falls off.
B) Barbie throws the old doll against the wall.
C) everything Barbie does or has is better thatn the old doll's.
D) Barbie is jealous of the old doll.
  • 7. Why did Martha and Veronica get into a fight?
A) Because Martha hit Veronica.
B) Because Martha tried to switch her old Barbie with Veronica's new Barbie
C) Because Martha broke off Barbie's arm.
D) Because Martha wouldn't let Veronica's Barbie kiss Ken.
  • 8. On her way home, Veronica realized that
A) Martha had switched Barbies
B) Barbie had a chip out of her head.
C) she had lost her homework.
D) Barbie's head was missing
  • 9. Who did Veronica blame for her Barbie being ruined?
A) Barbie
B) Herself
C) Martha
D) Herself and Martha
  • 10. Based upon Veronica's behavior when Barbie and her old doll are interacting, how does Veronica judge people?
A) Beautiful people are better than average looking people
B) Blondes are better than redheads
C) She believes that what a person is like inside is more important than they way they look.
D) Blue eyed girls are better than brown eyed girls.
  • 11. In the end, how did Veronica feel about her two dolls?
A) She hated them both
B) She loved them both
C) She loved her old doll, but hated her Barbie
D) She loved Barbie, but hated her old doll.
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