National Value Assignment - JSS 1
  • 1. 1. The following are examples of good value except ____
A) tolerance
B) honesty
C) falsehood
D) respect
  • 2. 2. The study of man and his interaction with his environment is referred to as _____
A) History
B) Social studies
C) Civic education
D) Business studies
  • 3. 3. Examination malpractice is common among ______
A) robbers
B) farmers
C) students
D) workers
  • 4. 4. Tribal marks help in _____ people
A) greeting
B) loving
C) meeting
D) identifying
  • 5. 5. _____ refers to those aspects of culture that are not visible
A) material culture
B) non material culture
C) limited culture
D) classic culture
  • 6. 6. The following are forms of falsehood except ______
A) none of the above
B) use of forged document
C) right information
D) lying under oath
  • 7. 7. Another conference for experiment was held at ______
A) Ibadan Boys High School
B) Akinluwe High School
C) Federal Government College
D) Ayetoro Comprehensive High School
  • 8. 8. Complete this popular saying; Honesty is the best _____
A) statement
B) formula
C) theory
D) policy
  • 9. 9. Buba and Iro are peculiar to a/an ______ woman
A) Hausa
B) Yoruba
C) Igbo
D) Efik
  • 10. 10. The causes of falsehood include the following except _____
A) love of position/honour
B) fear of being punished
C) fear of cooperation
D) love of money
  • 11. 11. Honest attracts _____
A) respect
B) dishonour
C) foolishness
D) punishment
  • 12. 12. An illegal action for which a person can be punished by law is called
A) Rule violation
B) Crime
C) Judicial action
D) Criminal
  • 13. 13. The following are examples of natural environment except _____
A) grassland
B) mountains
C) bridge
D) river
  • 14. 14. Value can be learnt from these sources except ____
A) schools
B) friends
C) market place
D) homes
  • 15. 15. A group of people related by birth, adoption and marriage is called _____
A) Community
B) Peer group
C) Family
D) Social science
  • 16. 16. The first agent of socialization is _____
A) religious bodies
B) none of the above
C) family
D) mass media
  • 17. 17. One of these is not a feature of culture _____
A) dressing
B) language
C) bead
D) food
  • 18. 18. _____ is a promoting factor of good value system
A) Violence
B) Tolerance
C) Shame
D) Intolerance
  • 19. 19. Social studies was introduced as a school subject in Nigeria in
A) 1963
B) 1942
C) 1960
D) 1995
  • 20. 20. _____ is the total way of life of a particular people
A) Culture
B) Language
C) Technology
D) Religion
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