Jss 3 English Language 3rd C.A Test
  • 1. 1......is a short statement that summarizes or informs the audience of the main idea of a long writing.
A) Debate
B) Summary
C) Speech writing
D) Article writing
  • 2. 2. ......is a word that sounds like what it means.
A) Onomatopoeia
B) Synecdoche
C) Simile
D) Irony
  • 3. 3. ...... is a figure of speech that combines contradictory words.
A) Oxymoron
B) Irony
C) Personification
D) Simile
  • 4. 4......is a sound formed by the combination of two vowels in a single syllable.
A) Monothong
B) Triphthong
C) Bi-thong
D) Diphthong
  • 5. 5. ......is a group of words that forms a grammatical components that can't stand in it's own.
A) Stress
B) Intonation
C) Phrase
D) Clause
  • 6. 6...... writing is a style that allows the writer to tell a story.
A) Descriptive
B) Expository
C) Narrative
D) Article
  • 7. 7. Co education is better than single sex school is an example of what type of writing
A) Article
B) Argumentative
C) Report
D) Narrative
  • 8. 8. A memorable day of my life is an example of what type of writing
A) Expository
B) Narrative
C) Descriptive
D) Article
  • 9. 9. We should assist the poor,.......?
A) shouldn't we
B) shall we
C) isn't it
D) we shouldn't
  • 10. 10. Choose the word that rhyme with Corps
A) Court
B) Coup
C) Corpse
D) Queue
  • 11. 11. Waste
A) Placed
B) Burst
C) Host
D) Forged
  • 12. 12. Sweet
A) Suite
B) Biscuit
C) Height
D) Kit
  • 13. 13. Boys
A) Toys
B) Coil
C) Toil
D) Tool
  • 14. 14. Chalet
A) Sheep
B) Church
C) Garage
D) Red
  • 15. 15. Dirt
A) Egg
B) Heart
C) Bath
D) Color
  • 16. 16. Which of the following is an example of an adverbial phrase?
A) " in the black dress"
B) * my friend's son"
C) " with a smile on her face"
D) " that little boy"
  • 17. 17. Francis found her lost sneakers 'behind the sofa' in the living room.
A) phrasal verb
B) adverbial phrase
C) gerund
D) prepositional phrase
  • 18. 18. He failed 'in spite of his best efforts'.
A) noun phrase
B) infinitive
C) prepositional phrase
D) adverbial phrase
  • 19. 19.She is a woman of 'wonderful patience'.
A) adverbial phrase
B) verb phrase
C) adjectival phrase
D) noun phrase
  • 20. 20. I have found 'the key to his secret safe'.
A) adverbial phrase
B) noun clause
C) prepositional phrase
D) noun phrase
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