Hugo Part 1 Comprehension Quiz
  • 1. In which city does the story take place?
A) New York
B) Paris
C) Rome
D) Florence
  • 2. All of the following words describe Hugo EXCEPT:
A) Orphan
B) Thief
C) Lazy
D) Diligent
  • 3. What did Hugo work on in his secret room?
A) A puzzle
B) An automaton
C) A story
D) An escape plan
  • 4. What was Hugo's father's job?
A) Teacher
B) Painter
C) Train conductor
D) Horologist
  • 5. What did Hugo steal from the old man at the toy booth?
A) A toy soldier
B) A doll
C) A wind up mouse
D) A hammer
  • 6. How did Hugo's father die?
A) Car accident
B) Train accident
C) Fire
D) Cancer
  • 7. Who helps Hugo get his notebook back?
A) Papa Georges
B) His uncle
C) Isabelle
D) No one
  • 8. Who took Hugo in after his father died?
A) His Uncle Claude
B) His friends
C) His mother
D) His aunt
  • 9. Why did Etienne wear an eye patch?
A) He lost his eye in a fight
B) He lost his eye when a Portuguese rocket flew into his eye
C) He was born with only one eye
D) He wants to look like a pirate
  • 10. Where did Hugo's father always take him on his birthday?
A) To the ballet
B) To the train station
C) To the park
D) To the movies
  • 11. What does Hugo hope that the automaton will write?
A) An advertisement
B) A message from his father
C) A pretty song
D) A funny story
  • 12. Where does Isabelle tell Hugo to meet her in the note she leaves him?
A) At the book seller's
B) In his room
C) By the river
D) At her house
  • 13. Where does Etienne work?
A) The movie theater
B) The train station
C) The toy booth
D) The grocery store
  • 14. What kind of book does Hugo buy at the book seller's?
A) A joke book
B) A book of fairy tales
C) A book about magic
D) A book of poetry
  • 15. What is Isabelle's relationship to Papa Georges?
A) He is her father
B) He is her uncle
C) He is a stranger
D) He is her godfather
  • 16. What did Isabelle use to get into the locked theater?
A) A key
B) A screw driver
C) A baseball bat
D) A bobby pin
  • 17. What do Hugo and Isabelle have in common?
A) They both live at the train station
B) They are both orphans
C) They both live with their grandparents
D) They both fix clocks
  • 18. What shape is Isabelle's key?
A) A circle
B) A heart
C) A square
D) A diamond
  • 19. What did Hugo steal from Isabelle?
A) Her necklace
B) Her book
C) Her money
D) Her shoe
  • 20. What image did the mechanical man draw?
A) A map of the train station
B) A picture of Hugo
C) A picture of the Eiffel Tower
D) A moon with a rocket ship in its eye
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