Islamic studies G5 ( 2nd Test)
  • 1. The best translation for والعصر is ......
A) By the Time
B) By salatul 'Asr
C) By the man
D) By Wa 'Asr
  • 2. This verse means (إنّ الإنسان لفي خسر )
A) Verily, mankind is in struggle
B) Verily, mankind is in earth
C) Verily, mankind is in loss
D) Verily, mankind is in favour
  • 3. The verse إلا الذين ءامنوا stands for.....
A) Except those who are good
B) Except those who like others
C) Except those who rely on Allah
D) Except those who believe
  • 4. The word الحق means
A) Business
B) Smallness
C) Truthfulness
D) Kindness
  • 5. The word الصبر means
A) Smallness
B) License
C) Coolness
D) Patience
  • 6. Those who will not be in loss will possess ......qualities
A) 1
B) 3
C) 4
D) 2
  • 7. Allah says" mankind will be in loss" because of their......
A) Generosity
B) Good act
C) Evil act
D) Kindness
  • 8. A Muslim should wisely plan his time for....
A) Thinking about his farm
B) Playing around
C) Worshipping of Allah
D) Talking unnecessarily
  • 9. A Muslim should wisely plan his time for....
A) Sinful act
B) Trivial issue
C) Any rewardable act
D) Unconcerned issues
  • 10. The best among mankind , is the most beneficial one
A) Yes
B) No
C) Partially no
D) Totally no
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