JSS 1 English 3rd Test 2023/2024
  • 1. /æ/-
A) matter
B) paste
C) pray
D) judge
  • 2. /ʌ/-
A) card
B) money
C) safe
D) over
  • 3. /uː/-
A) rude
B) flush
C) disrupt
D) drone
  • 4. /ɔː/-
A) lord
B) uncouth
C) hundred
D) fruit
  • 5. /aː/-
A) calm
B) ghost
C) leaked
D) spare
  • 6. /ɜː/-
A) master
B) least
C) search
D) justice
  • 7. /iː/-
A) key
B) might
C) organise
D) enjoyment
  • 8. /e/-
A) cheese
B) paper
C) matter
D) leopard
  • 9. /u/-
A) wolf
B) budget
C) turn
D) sport
  • 10. /ɒ/-
A) noun
B) start
C) rope
D) dwarf
  • 11. Which of the following is not a type of pronoun?
A) interrogative pronoun
B) emphatic pronoun
C) reflexive pronoun
D) definite pronoun
  • 12. Which of the following is an example of a reflexive pronoun?
A) themselves
B) they
C) which
D) this
  • 13. They blamed THEMSELVES for losing in the final of the football match competition. The word in capital letters is a/an__________
A) emphatic pronoun
B) reflexive pronoun
C) demonstrative pronoun
D) interrogative pronoun
  • 14. What type of noun must begin with a capital, no matter where it occurs in a sentence?
A) proper nouns
B) collective nouns
C) concrete nouns
D) common nouns
  • 15. Which of the options is an example of a proper noun?
A) school
B) hospital
C) bank
D) Oshodi Market
  • 16. One of the following is not an irregular verb.
A) write
B) run
C) bake
D) sit
  • 17. What is the adverb in the sentence: 'They will arrive late to the party.'
A) late
B) arrive
C) will
D) party
  • 18. An adjective is a word that qualifies a noun or ____________
A) an adjective
B) a pronoun
C) an adverb
D) a verb
  • 19. Identify the adverb in the sentence: ' I was advised to spend my time wisely.'
A) spend
B) time
C) wisely
D) advised
  • 20. Complete the sentence with the correct adverb: 'She looked ___________________ at the man.'
A) suspicious
B) suspiciously
C) suspectfully
D) suspectful
  • 21. The past participle form of the verb 'swim' is __________________
A) swims
B) swam
C) swum
D) swimming
  • 22. The continuous form of the verb 'sit' is ________________
A) sits
B) stood
C) sat
D) sitting
  • 23. Which word is an adjective in the sentence: 'The stubborn boy was punished severely'
A) punished
B) boy
C) severely
D) stubborn
  • 24. Identify the adjective in the sentence: 'A delicious meal was served at the dining yesterday.'
A) dining
B) delicious
C) meal
D) served
  • 25. In a paragraph, the main idea is contained in the ___________________
A) paragraphing
B) sentence
C) supporting details
D) topic sentence
  • 26. What type of composition is used to tell a story?
A) argumentative composition
B) descriptive composition
C) narrative composition
D) expository composition
  • 27. One of these is not required when writing a descriptive composition.
A) Using adjectives for clear description of the person, place or thing you are writing about
B) Writing your composition in paragraphs and making sure each sentence in the paragraph starts with a capital letter
C) Using 'big' words and long sentences to impress the reader
D) Writing the title or topic of your composition and underlining it
  • 28. Which word is a noun in the sentence: 'The relationship between them just ended yesterday.'
A) between
B) relationship
C) just
D) ended
  • 29. Complete the sentence with the correct adjective: ' The man is confident and ________________
A) considerably
B) considerate
C) considerately
D) considered
  • 30. 'us' is an example of what type of pronoun?
A) reflexive
B) demonstrative pronoun
C) interrogative pronoun
D) personal pronoun
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