Chapter 12-13, Little House in the Big Woods
  • 1. A sumac( sounds like shoo mac or soo mac) is a kind of
A) shoe
B) tree
C) macaroni
  • 2. A Johnny cake is
A) a cake that ONLY Johnny could eat.
B) bread made of cornmeal
C) a cake Johnny Jim liked to eat on Mondays
  • 3. A simple tool for threshing wheat is a
A) flail
B) pail
C) wail
  • 4. When there is a new invention something has been invented or brought into being for the first time.
A) true
B) false
  • 5. A deer lick is
A) a place where deer could get salt.
B) when a deer licks your face.
C) is a game deer play.
  • 6. When something has been "chinked", it has had its gaps or cracks filled in.
A) false
B) true
  • 7. Progress is
A) sweet potato pie
B) porridge
C) improvement
  • 8. When you need to chop wood, you should use a chopping block.
A) false
B) true
  • 9. Head cheese is
A) meat from the head if a pig made into a loaf.
B) cheese that makes you have a headache.
C) cheese that you use as ice when you have a bump on your head.
  • 10. A spanking is also called a
A) smashing
B) thrashing
C) washing
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