• 1. All insects have now been discovered by scientists.
A) true
B) false
  • 2. Most insects are found in the tropics because it is__________
A) cold and damp
B) hot and dry
C) hot and damp
D) cold and dry
  • 3. Most insects have an ____________.
A) extraterrestrial skeleton
B) skin
C) exoskeleton
D) endoskeleton
  • 4. AAll insects have bodies that are made up of three parts:
A) the head, thorax and wings
B) the brain, mouth and intestines
C) the head, thorax and abdomen
D) the skeleton, the backbone and wings
  • 5. All insects have 8 legs
A) true
B) false
  • 6. Winged insects usually have 4 wings that grow out of the _______.
A) abdomen
B) thorax
C) head
  • 7. All insects have two _________, jaws and eyes on the head.
A) antennae
B) legs
C) wigglers
  • 8. What are mandibles?
A) a pair of legs
B) a pair of antennae
C) a pair of jaws
D) a pair of wings
  • 9. All insects go through __________ to become adults
A) eggs
B) larvae
C) metamorphosis
  • 10. What is the life cycle of an insect?
A) egg, larva, pupa, adult
B) adult, pupa, egg, larva
C) larva, pupa adult
D) egg, pupa, adult
  • 11. A compound eye has _________ .
A) no lenses
B) one lens
C) many lenses
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