Chapter 6-7, Little House in the Big Woods
  • 1. Prickled means
A) dancing in the pickles.
B) a tingling feeling.
C) making pickles on Sunday.
  • 2. Gunpowder and caps used in a gun are called
A) shot and flowers
B) powder and shot
C) powder and perfume
  • 3. A lantern is a case to hold and protect a light, having sides of glass through which the light can be seen.
A) False
B) True
  • 4. To bargain is to discuss a trade or sale in order to get a better price.
A) True
B) False
  • 5. Fashionable means
A) riding fast on a horse
B) in style, stylish
C) wearing boots to a wedding.
  • 6. A long open vessel to hold feed or water for animals is called a
A) trough (trawf)
B) bucket
C) track
  • 7. A "delaine" is a
A) lane near the home
B) fancy dress
C) a name of a lady who lived with the Ingalls Family
  • 8. The part of a lady's dress resembling a jacket with a short skirt is called a
A) task
B) basque (bask)
C) mask
  • 9. A flexible product made from the jaw of a baleen whale, used in making corsets is a
A) pipe cleaner
B) inner tube
C) whalebone
  • 10. What does Pa called a sudden snow that comes in the spring, after most of the winter snow has melted?
A) a last minute snow
B) a salty snow
C) a sugar snow
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