AIC JS 1 English 2nd Term Exam
  • 1. 1. Rice needs plenty of water.........cotton needs black soil.
A) And
B) Since
C) Whereas
D) Because
  • 2. 2. I have not seen him......he left the school.
A) Since
B) Or
C) And
D) Because
  • 3. 5. ...... Kunle......Tinuke are my cousins.
A) Whether..or
B) Either...or
C) Both... and
D) Either..nor
  • 4. 6. you prefer, beans or rice.
A) Which
B) Whose
C) Whom
D) That
  • 5. 7.Taiye and Kehinde have not been talking to ...... since they quarreled.
A) each other
B) themselves
C) oneself
D) theirself
  • 6. 8. I saw Delete and Ariyo..... were playing on the field
A) whom
B) which
C) who
D) whose
  • 7. 9. The following are the feature of a prose except....
A) plot
B) setting
C) personality
D) theme
  • 8. 10. ..... is a major genre of literature which is the act of story telling either long or short in a narrative style.
A) Prose
B) Drama
C) Narrative writing
D) Folktales
  • 9. 11 The following are the features of a prose except.....
A) theme
B) characterisation
C) stanza
D) style
  • 10. 12. a fictional story that has been orally passes from one generation to another.
A) Folktales
B) Magical
C) Drama
D) Myths
  • 11. 13. a punctuation name for a mark that can change the tone of a sentence.
A) Colons
B) Exclamation mark
C) Full-stop
  • 12. 14. The following are types of poetry except
A) Ode
B) Dirge
C) Lyrics
D) Parables
  • 13. 15.The following are the types of conjunction expect....
A) Correlative conjunctions
B) Coordinating conjunctions
C) Relative conjunctions
D) Subordinating conjunctions
  • 14. 16.A well organized story should have an......, a ......and a.......
A) salutations/introduction/body
B) content/ introduction/body
C) introduction/body and conclusion
  • 15. 17. ..... letter is also known as official letter.
A) Formal
B) Semi formal
C) Informal
  • 16. 18. /dz/
A) Large
B) Yam
C) Hang
D) Chair
  • 17. 19. /3:/
A) Fin
B) Take
C) Dirty
D) Lake
  • 18. 20. /a:/
A) Sow
B) Cart
C) Low
D) Cow
  • 19. 21. /ei/
A) Boy
B) Age
C) Air
D) Buy
  • 20. 22. A person who writes or compose a poem is called
A) An author
B) A writer
C) A master
D) A Poet
  • 21. 23. Identify the tense in the sentence: Dami drinks coffee every morning.
A) Present tense
B) Continuous tense
C) Present perfect tense
D) Past tense
  • 22. 24. The baby 'has eaten' all the chips .
A) Present perfect tense
B) Past tense
C) Present tense
D) Future tense
  • 23. 25. Sam was going to school.
A) Past continuous tense
B) Past perfect tense
C) Future tense
D) Past tense
  • 24. 26. Mr. Samuel will be staying in New York for four months.
A) Perfect present tense
B) Future continuous tense
C) Present perfect tense
D) Pas perfect tense
  • 25. 27. She 'graduated' from college last year.
A) Future tense
B) Past perfect tense
C) Past tense
D) Present tense
  • 26. 28. Tayo was given a gift by Dayo. ( Change to Active voice)
A) Dayo will give him a gift
B) Dayo gave him a gift
C) Dayo gave a gift to Tayo
D) A gift has been given to Tayo
  • 27. 29. Bob shot the thief. ( Change to Passive voice)
A) Bob is shooting the thief
B) Someone shot the thief
C) The thief was shot by Bob
D) The thief was shot by the boy
  • 28. 30. Abdul played cricket. ( Change to Passive voice)
A) Abdul plays cricket
B) He played cricket
C) Cricket was played by Abdul
D) He used to play cricket
  • 29. 31. Adventure stories are likes by Ramat. ( Change to Active voice)
A) Ramat like adventure stories
B) Adventure stories are like by her
C) She likes adventure stories
D) Ramat likes adventure stories
  • 30. 32. Your shirt is the same as....
A) his
B) it
C) him
D) he's
  • 31. 33. The.....of the four stick is mine.
A) much long
B) long
C) longer
D) longest
  • 32. 34. My younger brother is not I am.
A) tallest
B) more tall
C) taller
D) tall
  • 33. 35. (Identify the adjectives in the following sentences) Pablo Picasso is a fine artist.
A) Picasso
B) artist
C) Pablo
D) fine
  • 34. 36. The movie we watched last night was boring.
A) last night
B) movie
C) watched
D) boring
  • 35. 37. The Marina Beach is the longest beach in India.
A) Marina Beach
B) India
C) beach
D) longest
  • 36. 38. The weather in Delhi is sultry all round the year.
A) sultry
B) Delhi
C) round the year
D) weather
  • 37. 39. Paragraph is to prose as to poem.
A) couplet
B) stanza
C) Story
D) lines
  • 38. 40. common in the three genres of literature.
A) Language
B) Play
C) Stage
D) Protagonist
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