AIC CCA JS 2 3rd Term Exam 2022/23
  • 1. A type of clay that contains impurities is known to be
A) Light
B) Secondary
C) Heavy
D) Primary
  • 2. Another name for fired clay is
A) Clay work
B) Terraccota
C) Pottery
D) Grog
  • 3. Why is it necessary to use gloves during dying exercise
A) To make the cloth absorb dye
B) To prevent clothing
C) For quick reaction
D) To protect the skin
  • 4. One of the following materials used for production of tie and dye is
A) Metal
B) Wood
C) Clay
D) Raffia
  • 5. Painting of things that are made by God is called
A) Life painting
B) Nature painting
C) Cute painting
D) Still life painting
  • 6. ........... is one of the chemicals used in dying
A) Hydro sulphate
B) Surf
C) Hydrogen oxygen
D) Oxygen
  • 7. ......... Is an element of a pattern
A) Tone
B) Motif
C) Design
D) Shade
  • 8. In key signatures (sharp keys) G major is
A) C#
B) F# C#
C) F#
D) C# F#
  • 9. In key signatures (flat keys) F major is
A) Eb Bb
B) Bb
C) Bb Eb
D) Ab Bb Cb
  • 10. Time signature consists of...... Figures
A) 2
B) 4
C) 3
D) 5
  • 11. In key signature, the upper figure shows......
A) The number of beat
B) The time taken to complete the music
C) The type of musical note used
D) The number of people involved
  • 12. In time signature, the lower figure indicates.....
A) The number of people involved
B) The types of musical note used
C) The number of beat
D) The time taken
  • 13. Crochet means
A) Fork
B) String
C) Knife
D) Hook
  • 14. Crocheting projects could include all except
A) Plate
B) Bag
C) Table mat
D) Cap
  • 15. In paper mache, the back of the mould is coated with........
A) Ink
B) Rubb
C) Engine oil
D) Water
  • 16. In paper mache, the newspapers are soaked in....
A) Engine oil
B) Kerosine
C) Water
D) Petrol
  • 17. An interval is......
A) The distance between two notes
B) The lower part
C) The upper part
D) The combination of two notes
  • 18. The manipulation of dye are called.....
A) Insists
B) Resists
C) Persists
D) Consists
  • 19. In dying process, tied fabrics are wet with....
A) Engine oil
B) Kerosine
C) Cold water
D) Hot water
  • 20. There are....... major categories of dance
A) 2
B) 5
C) 4
D) 3
  • 21. Traditional dance include all except....
A) Share
B) Hip hop
C) Atilogwu
D) Bata
  • 22. Raggae, fork trot, disco are examples of.......
A) Modern dance
B) Yoruba dance
C) School dance
D) Traditional dance
  • 23. Dance can be used to create.....
A) Conflict
B) Discrimination
C) War
D) Entertainment
  • 24. Crochet is a method by which a fabric is formed with a single......... and.........
A) Hook and bow
B) Bag and ball
C) Thread and hook
D) Thread and wool
  • 25. The word crochet is derived from a.... word
A) Portuguese
B) Latin
C) Greek
D) French
  • 26. ...... Is one of the equipments needed for crotcheting
A) Mirror
B) A small pair of scissors
C) Sewing machine
D) Cutting table
  • 27. Functions of art include the following ; except
A) It promotes team work
B) It kills idea
C) It educates
D) Entertainment
  • 28. Self control entails the following except
A) Being in fighting mood
B) Not being in fighting mood
C) Modesty
D) Moderation
  • 29. The two method's of preparing clay is
A) Heavy and light
B) Private and secondary
C) Dry and wet
D) Watery and stick
  • 30. One of the following is not a technique in printing
A) Wood work
B) Intaglio
C) Silk screen printing
D) Relief process
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