AIC IRS Pry 5 & 6 2nd Term Exam
  • 1. what do muslim say when intending to do something in the future ?
A) Alhamdulillah
C) Bismillah
D) Allahu Akbar
  • 2. What should a muslim say before begining to do something ?
A) Astagfirullah
B) none of the above
D) Alhamdulillah
  • 3. what is the name of prophet Muhammad's S.A.W Father
A) Jamiu
B) Abdullah
C) Al - Ameen
D) Salih
  • 4. How many fundamental are there in islam that is compulsry upon every muslim to learn and act upon
A) 79
B) 3
C) 99
D) 6
  • 5. what is the forth pillar of islam
A) Salat ( observing the five daily prayer )
B) hajj ( pilgrimage to the house of Allah )
C) zakat (giving alms to the poor )
D) Ramadan ( fasting in the month of ramadan )
  • 6. what is going to spoil wudu ( Ablution ) ?
A) Driving
B) Speaking
C) Crying
D) Farting
  • 7. What is the name of cave in which prophet muhammad recieved his revelations ?
A) Hira
B) Gharu al- Thawr
C) Jabal Noor
D) Son Doong cave
  • 8. What is the name of the prophet mother ?
A) sophiyah
B) Aminat
C) maymuunat
D) zulaikha
  • 9. What is the name of the prophet muhammad Father ?
A) Abdul samad
B) Abdullah
C) Qasim
D) Taofeeq
  • 10. How many prophet are mentioned in the glorious quran ?
A) 50
B) 25
C) just 10
D) 80
  • 11. what is the shortest Surah in the quran ?
A) Al-hadid
B) Al-jinn
C) Al-kawthar
D) Al-maidah
  • 12. In which month does the muslims fast ?
A) rajab
B) shaaban
C) Dhul hijah
D) Ramadan
  • 13. what does word islam means ?
A) living
B) Submission
C) guidance
D) peace
  • 14. What is Azan ?
A) Call to prayer
B) call to food
C) place where the muslils observe there prayers
D) Dua ( invocation)
  • 15. What is the name given to the circumambulation of the ka'aba seven times ?
A) salaam
B) sa'yu
C) Tawaaf
D) Tawbah
  • 16. who was the prophet whose father, grandfather, and great grand father ?
A) Yusuf
B) ibrahim
C) ya'akub
D) musa
  • 17. what is the name of the who have 12 son ?
A) yusuf
B) Yahyah
C) Ya'akub
D) yunus
  • 18. how many are the Attribute of Allah ?
A) 1000
B) 19
C) 10
D) 99
  • 19. The kings of egypt in the olden time were known as ?
A) Fir'awn
B) Buraq
C) Khalifah
D) Fujjar
  • 20. The first woman matyr of islam was ?
A) Fatimah
B) khadeejah
C) Summayah
D) Zainab
  • 21. who was the first to call to prayer ( AZAN ) In islam ?
A) Abu hurairah
B) Uthman
C) Alli bun Abi talib
D) Bilal
  • 22. Ar -raheem means ...................?
  • 23. How many daughters do prophet muhammad had ?
A) 2
B) 7
C) 6
D) 4
  • 24. What is the first Atticle of faith ?
A) Believe in the Angels
B) Believe in the holy book
C) Believe in Allah
D) Believe in the day judgement
  • 25. The names of Allah are called........... . . ?
A) Asmahullahil - husna
B) subhanallah
C) Asalaamu alaikum
D) tekbeer
  • 26. What is the first word revealed to prophet muhammad in the cave of Hirah ?
  • 27. What will spoil Salah ?
A) None of the Above
B) Watching in the floor
C) Licking the lips
D) Laughing out loud
  • 28. When is it okay to stop prayer ?
A) Emergencies
B) None of the Above
C) It is not aloud to stop prayer
D) When someone is calling you on the phone
  • 29. Which Angel has appeared to prophet muhammad ?
A) mikaheel
B) jibreel
C) israfeel
D) ridwan
  • 30. which night is better than 1000 month ?
A) Laylatul -regaib
B) Laylatal - baraat
C) Laylatul - qadir
D) Laylaru - miraaj
  • 31. Which surah is called mother of the quran ?
A) Al - imran
B) Al- fathia
C) Al - baqarah
D) AN - nisa
  • 32. who does not need to fast during the month of ramadan ?
A) Teanagers ( 16, 15 , ......)
B) People who are smoking
C) People who drink Alcohol
D) Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
  • 33. Who is reffered as HAFIZ ?
A) Islamic Teacher
B) Person who is writing islamic songs
C) Person who have memorized the whole quran
D) Muslim philosopher
  • 34. What do you say when you Sneez ?
A) Subhaanallah
B) Yarhamakallah
C) Alhamdulillah
D) ya'adikullah
  • 35. What is ZEM ZEM ?
A) Islamic Clothing
B) Mountain
C) Cave near madina
D) Holy water source near ka'aba
  • 36. How many prophet of Allah are mentioned in the glorious Quran?
A) 34
B) 45
C) 11
D) 25
  • 37. Islam permit us to get rich only through _____________ way
A) Fraud
B) Haraam
C) Halaal
D) Stealing
  • 38. The friends of Allah have been described with 2 important qualities these are
A) Iman & Taqwah
B) Rushing on salah & watching firm
C) Joking & playing
D) Causing troubles & bad behaviours
  • 39. The following are the chapters of the glorious quran except_________
A) Al-Nisaa
B) Al-jinn
C) Al- baqarah
D) Al- bayt
  • 40. (Be the sky and how he built it ) this verse will be found in which surah if the glorious quran
A) Surah Al ma'aun
B) Surah Al Quraish
C) Surah Al masad
D) Surah Ash - shams
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