AIC SS2 English Language 2nd Term Revision
  • 1. 1. During the stampede at the stadium, many people....
A) are injured
B) were injured
C) injured
D) is injured
  • 2. 2. The guest promised to send the item when he..... back home
A) have get
B) get
C) has got
D) gets
  • 3. 3. Mr. Abdulhafeez told us last week that the Earth......around the sun
A) revolved
B) revolves
C) revolve
D) revolving
  • 4. 4. It is a shame that Yasmin and Aisha have..... They used to be such good friends
A) broken down
B) broken away
C) broken off
D) broken up
  • 5. 5. My mother was sure Chemistry teacher before.
A) has meet
B) have met
C) had met
D) had meet
  • 6. 6. The woman's.....was commended.
A) piety
B) Piuosness
C) piously
D) pious
  • 7. 6. If I ......six eyes,I.....see many things at the same time
A) have/ would
B) had/ would
C) had/would have
  • 8. 8. He claimed that they....known each other for three years
A) had
B) have
C) knew
D) has
  • 9. 9. If Bola had come earlier, she.....met the special guest
A) would have
B) would
C) may have
D) will
  • 10. 10. Madam Kate couldn't......Tolani's attitude.
A) see through to
B) put up with
C) put in with
D) check for
  • 11. 11. The receptionist was reluctant to.....the accountant.
A) put John through by
B) put John through to
C) put John over to
  • 12. 12. Would you......the volume of that player
A) turn down
B) turn in
C) turn off
D) turn around
  • 13. 13. Though Jemima was tired yesterday, she .......sleep.
A) should not
B) won't
C) couldn't
D) cannot
  • 14. 14. very high
A) may
B) can
C) must
  • 15. 15. The duty of Our teacher is to give instructions; to obey
A) our
B) ours
C) our's
D) ours'
  • 16. 16. Those novels are interesting. I wonder if you can get me ........
A) many others as such
B) many such as others
C) such many others
D) other such many
  • 17. 17. like to have some pizza?
A) should
B) may
C) will
D) would
  • 18. 18. like a slice of bread?
A) Should
B) Can
C) Would
D) May
  • 19. 19. buy some fruits for me?
A) Can
B) Should
C) May
D) Might
  • 20. 20. You..... wash the dishes after eating.
A) must
B) would
C) will
D) might
  • 21. 21. Close the door quickly; is an example of what ....... intonation
  • 22. refer to how voices can change pitch to convey meaning
A) Oral sound
B) Stress
C) Syllables
D) Intonation
  • 23. 23. What are you doing? This is an example of....... intonation
  • 24. 24. Did you have fun at the park? This is an example of......intonation
  • 25. 25. It rained HEAVILY last night.
A) For how long did it rain yesterday ?
B) Was everywhere dry last night?
C) Did it drizzle last night?
D) Did it rain all day last week?
  • 26. 26. The three boys arrived by AIR.
A) How many boys arrive by air?
B) Did the three boys arrive by air?
C) How did the three boys arrive?
  • 27. 27. The DRIVER has taken John away.
A) Whom did the driver take away ?
B) Who took John away?
C) Where did the driver take John to?
D) What did the driver do?
  • 28. 28. The old man is a MESSENGER.
A) Is the old man a typist?
B) Who is the messenger?
C) Is the young man a messenger ?
D) Is the old woman a messenger ?
  • 29. 29. Jemima's watch is made of GOLD.
A) Is Jemima's watch plated with gold?
B) Is Jemima's necklace made of gold?
C) Is Bisi's watch plated with gold?
  • 30. 30. Jerry LIKES his friend.
A) Does Jerry like his friend?
B) Does Jerry hate football?
C) Does Jerry like football?
D) Does Jerry hate his friend?
  • 31. 31. It is important that you clear
    the refuse in front of your house every.......
A) fortnight
B) forthnight
C) fourthnight
  • 32. 32. I want to … his chance to
    acquaint you with the latest
A) size
B) sieze
C) cease
D) seize
  • 33. 33. I wonder how he will … being
    absent from school for a long time.
A) make through
B) make off
C) make up
D) make in
  • 34. 34.The secretary has no right to
    … my affairs.
A) spy from
B) complain Into
C) pry on
D) meddle in
  • 35. 34. Iman will always..........for his younger sister at school.
A) look in on
B) look forward to
C) look out for
D) look up to
  • 36. 36. Kate .......with all she did at home.
A) get on
B) got away
C) get out
D) get rid
  • 37. 37. The baby......with malaria last week.
A) come along
B) come down
C) come along with
D) come up against
  • 38. 38. The Ambassador.......his plan.
A) went back on
B) go through
C) go on at
D) go into
  • 39. 39. Miss Faridah.......for her master's degree.
A) put in
B) put down
C) put up
D) put through
  • 40. 40. The woman........for her sister at the trail.
A) fill out
B) stood up
C) play up
D) drop in
  • 41. 41. The world famous athlete is guilty,.....way you look at it
A) whereas
B) whenever
C) however
D) whatever
  • 42. 42. Before the assembly, I will discuss the matter with Mrs.Aliu.(Write out the prepositional phrase)
  • 43. 43. My uncle couldn't come for the meeting because his car broke down on the way.( Write out the prepositional phrase)
  • 44. 44. My aunt told me she will be coming to Nigeria in the month of November.( Write out the adverbial phrase)
  • 45. 45. On the way to the hospital, I met my friend from school.( Write out the adverbial phrase)
  • 46. 46. ......are word parts that are added to the end of another word to form a new word.
A) Inflectional suffixes
B) Suffixes
C) Adjunct
D) Prefix
  • 47. 47. Suffixes can be .......or......
A) Adjuncts or prefixes
B) Root words and linking words
C) Progressive or regressive
D) Inflectional or derivational
  • 48. 48. Choose the option that rhymes
    with the given word 'mother'
A) Smothered
B) Smoothen
C) Murder
D) Other
  • 49. 49. Choose the option that rhymes
    with the given word: 'match'
A) Ward
B) Such
C) Batch
D) Harsh
  • 50. 50. Choose the option that rhymes
    with the given word: 'fear'
A) Deer
B) Cherry
C) Care
D) Sheath
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