AIC JSS1 Prevoc assignment
  • 1. The study of how to grow fruits, vegetables and ornamental crops is _________
A) Apiculture
B) Silviculture
C) Horticulture
D) Floriculture
  • 2. The activity which involves the management and production of fish and other aquatic animals is known as ________
A) Horticulture
B) Fishery
C) Livestock production
D) Snail production
  • 3. A dicotyledonous plant is a plant that has ________
A) Five cotyledons
B) two cotyledons
C) Four cotyledons
D) One cotyledon
  • 4. Bee farming is also known as ____
A) Horticulture
B) Snailery
C) Apiculture
D) Heliculture
  • 5. The storage organ for sugarcane is _______
A) Stem
B) Root
C) Flowers
D) Leaves
  • 6. Roots serve as storage organ for _______
A) Tomato
B) Onion
C) Cassava
D) Sugarcane
  • 7. One of the following is an example of aquatic plant.
A) Pea
B) Oil palm
C) Wheat
D) Plankton
  • 8. A typical crop plant is made up of two major systems known as ______
A) Tap and Fibrous
B) Aerial and Fibrous
C) Shoot and stems
D) Shoots and roots
  • 9. ______ roots consist of one major root from which various minor branches arise
A) Leaves
B) Tap root
C) Stem
D) Fibrous root
  • 10. The vegetative parts of a plant are ______
A) Flowers and leaves
B) Roots, stem and leaves
C) Fruit and leaves
D) Flowers and fruits
  • 11. The study of trees and some wild animals is called
A) Mining
B) Forestry
C) Soil science
D) Fishery
  • 12. _______ is the source of fiber and cotton
A) Mining
B) Engineering
C) Catering
D) Agriculture
  • 13. Example of animals that can be used for working on the farm is
A) Camel
B) Pig
C) Rabbit
D) Rat
  • 14. The following are vegetables except
A) Pumpkin
B) Tomato
C) Cocoa
D) Cabbage
  • 15. Agriculture produce the following except
A) Agricultural engineering tools
B) Income
C) Food
D) Industrial raw materials
  • 16. Mr Ahmad produces plants and animals for himself and his family alone, he is a_________
A) Plantation farmer
B) Commercial farmer
C) Processor
D) Subsistence farmer
  • 17. Fruit and vegetables are a great source of
A) Vitamin and mineral
B) Oil
C) Carbohydrate
D) Fat and oil
  • 18. Crops that are grown to beautify the environment are ________ crops
A) Medicinal
B) Ornamental
C) Forage
D) Latex
  • 19. One of these is not a terrestrial plant
A) Cocoa
B) Timber
C) Rubber
D) Plankton
  • 20. Organs of plant can be divided into vegetative and ________ organ
A) Vegetable
B) Fibrous
C) Tap
D) Reproductive
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