Visitors from Space Comprehension
  • 1. The main purpose of this selection is to tell about________.
A) how to become an astronomer and learn to write books.
B) traveling comets that can change our lives
C) what comets are made of and how they move and change
D) when the next solar system will appear in the universe
  • 2. This selection is most like an informational book because it _____.
A) is written in the first person
B) took place long ago
C) tells how to make something
D) gives information about the solar system
  • 3. What does a comet look like in the sky?
A) the sun
B) a group of stars
C) a flaming ball
D) a full moon
  • 4. Long ago, why did people think a comet was a warning of something bad?
A) Earthquakes and floods occurred after a comet appeared.
B) Comets appeared in the sky suddenly.
C) Bad things always happened after a comet appeared.
D) People did not understand comets.
  • 5. The gas in the comet's coma can be compared to the gas in a ____________.
A) fluorescent light bulb
B) shooting star
C) solar wind
D) dirty snowball
  • 6. Scientists who study the planets and stars are called ___.
A) astronauts
B) astronomers
C) dentists
D) doctors
  • 7. Where do scientists think a huge cloud of comets might be?
A) around the sun
B) behind the moon
C) between the planets
D) past the farthest planet
  • 8. The force that connects the solar system to the sun is called ______.
A) gravity
B) a coma
C) an asteroid
D) a planet
  • 9. What is the name of the "flying rocks" in our solar system?
A) boulders
B) comets
C) asteroids
D) meteors
  • 10. A comet starts out as ______.
A) a ball of frozen gases
B) a large rock
C) a star
D) chunks of ice
  • 11. The tails of comets are made of ______.
A) dust
B) ice
C) rocks
D) gas and dust
  • 12. What is the name for the orbits that comets take around the sun?
A) loops
B) ellipses
C) periods
D) years
  • 13. What is one thing that makes a comet glow?
  • 14. What is a comet tail?
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