Nate the Great Comprehension
  • 1. The action in the story begins in an _________.
A) exercise
B) airport
C) object
D) automobile
  • 2. Who is Nate supposed to meet at ten o'clock?
A) Willie
B) a chauffeur
C) Sludge
D) Olivia
  • 3. Nate's cousin can't meet him at the airport because she is _______.
A) waiting at home for Nate
B) working on another case
C) visiting friends
D) driving the limo
  • 4. What is the first thing Nate has been asked to find in California?
A) Claude's seashell
B) Olivia's feathered boa
C) Fang's teeth
D) Booksie's Bookstore
  • 5. Nate offers to take Duncan's case because _______.
A) Annie calls home
B) Olivia is too busy
C) Willie thinks Nate can help him
D) Sludge knows the solution
  • 6. The case must be solved by two o'clock because that's when ________.
A) The Golden Gate Bridge is closed
B) Duncan is telling his friend the joke
C) Olivia goes to the police
D) Nate must return home
  • 7. After Nate leaves Perry's Pancake House, what does he do?
A) He searches Duncan's freezer
B) He goes to the Golden Gate Bridge
C) He goes to Booksie's Bookstore
D) He searches Perry's trash.
  • 8. Where does Nate find the book?
A) in the back seat of the limo
B) in Duncan's backpack
C) with the cookbooks
D) on the Golden Gate Bridge
  • 9. Duncan's book is put in the wrong place because of confusion in the _______.
A) index
B) cover
C) title
D) price
  • 10. At the end of the story, what will Nate look for at the Golden Gate Bridge?
A) Fang's teeth
B) Claude's seashell
C) Booksie's bag
D) Olivia's feathered boa
  • 11. The waiter at Perry's Pancake House is angry when Nate asks about Duncan because Duncan________.
A) made a mess there
B) ordered mushyberry pancakes
C) didn't leave the waiter a tip
D) couldn't remember the joke
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