Pedro's Journal Vocabulary
__1. betrayalA. part of ship used for steering
__2. fathomB. a list of people
__3. horizonC. a slow or difficult journey
__4. leaguesD. a sign or warning
__5. omenE. unit of 6 ft. to measure depth
__6. refusalF. unfaithful or disloyal
__7. rosterG. resisting, won't do something
__8. rudderH. unit of distance, about 3 mi
__9. sullenlyI. silently irritated
__10. trekJ. line where earth/sea meet sky
__11. convertA. refusal to obey authority
__12. devourB. to change beliefs or religion
__13. mutinyC. born in a particular place
__14. nativeD. to swallow up; to destroy
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