• 1. Which one of the following word pairs has an incorrectly spelt second word?
A) saw-sawed
B) bet-betted
C) show-showwed
D) open-opened
  • 2. Which one of the following word pairs has an incorrectly spelt second word?
A) metal-metallic
B) begin-beginer
C) start-starter
D) deep-deeper
  • 3. Which one of the following word pairs has an incorrectly spelt second word?
A) die-died
B) bow-bowwed
C) pump-pumped
D) enrol-enrolled
  • 4. Identify the part of speech capitalized. I bought a BEAUTIFUL dress at the mall.
A) conjunction
B) noun
C) adjective
D) preposition
E) noun
  • 5. Which part of speech does the capitalized word belong to in the sentence?  I left my shoes UNDER the kitchen table.
A) preposition
B) adjective
C) pronoun
D) personification
E) interjection
  • 6. Which part of speech is capitalized? Andy knocked on the door BUT nobody answered.
A) adverb
B) adjective
C) noun
D) conjunction
E) preposition
  • 7. Your room is so untidy! Please ___________ the clothes and put them in the washing machine.
A) Get on
B) Pick up
C) Turn off
D) Stand up
  • 8. ___________ the TV. My favourite programme will start in a minute.
A) Look for
B) Switch on
C) Take off
D) Look for
  • 9. I didn't know the answer so I ___________ on the internet.
A) Dressed it up
B) Looked it up
C) Cut it out
D) Blew it up
  • 10. I ___________ really well with my work colleagues. We often meet up for drinks or a meal.
A) Find out
B) Fight back
C) Break up
D) Get on
  • 11. How many Monophthongs are there?
A) 9
B) 1
C) 8
D) 12
E) 7
  • 12. Which one of these words has the [eə] sound?
A) Bag
B) Bear
C) Bake
D) Break
  • 13. The Number of diphtongs in English Sound is
A) 44
B) 8
C) 20
D) 12
  • 14. Diphthong is a
A) Vowel glides or mixed vowel sounds
B) none of the above
C) Pure vowel sound
D) Pure consonant sound
  • 15. Identify the meaning of the idiom “Miss the boat”.
A) Miss out on an opportunity.
B) Not know the difference between right and wrong.
C) Long for something that you don’t have.
D) Let too much time go by to complete a task.
  • 16. Identify the meaning of the idiom “Seeing eye to eye.”
A) Agreeing with somebody
B) Treating someone with respect
C) Paying close attention to something someone is saying
D) Identifying a minor mistake
  • 17. Identify the meaning of the idiom “spill the beans.”
A) To reveal something that is supposed to be kept a secret
B) To leave a place quickly
C) To be untidy
D) To be very talkative
  • 18. Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the idioms and phrases: Ram sold their house because it was a real white elephant.
A) A very big one
B) A rare find
C) A useless one
D) Very expensive and useless
  • 19. Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the idioms and phrases: They were having a whale of time dancing and singing.
A) To enjoy yourself very much
B) To enjoy leisure time
C) To enjoy life
D) To enjoy with loved ones
  • 20. The sun kissed my cold face.
A) Onomatopoeia
B) Personification
C) Metaphor
D) Simile
E) Idiom
  • 21. Lion is the king of the jungle.
A) Personification
B) Metaphor
C) Idiom
D) Simile
E) Onomatopoeia
  • 22. What kind of figure of speech is an opposite of what you mean?
A) Hyperbole
B) Personification
C) Metaphor
D) Euphemism
E) Irony
  • 23. Have you got _________ smartphone?
A) the
B) a
C) an
D) None
  • 24. Is there ________ statue of ________ famous person in your city? Who is _________ famous person?
A)  a / the / the
B) a / a / the
C)  an / an / the
D) a / a / a
  • 25. The teacher told ________ story about ________ phone call.
A) the/the
B) a / the
C) the/a
  • 26. Choose the incorrect sentence.
A) have invited us for lunch on Sunday.
B) The earth revolves around the sun
C) I like playing the chess.
  • 27. Which is _________ largest desert in the world?
A) an
B) the
C) None
D) a
  • 28.  

    In several countries it is ___ legal to keep a gun in your house.
A) Il
B) No
C) In
D) Un
  • 29. There was some _________agreement over the topic.
A) Mis
B) Anti
C) Un
D) Dis
  • 30. We were _____satisfied with the service at the restaurant.
A) Under
B) Dis
C) Un
D) Mis
  • 31. She has got a little aware______ of the dangers she will face.
A) Ness
B) Ing
C) Ity
D) Ment
  • 32. Identify the correct stressed syllable
A) pho-to-GRAPH-er
B) PHO-to-graph-er
C)  pho-TO-graph-er
D) pho-to-graph-ER
  • 33. Identify the correct stressed syllable
A) com-pu-TER
B) COM-pu-ter
C) com-PU-ter  
  • 34. Which is not an Example of adverbial phrases of time are- 
A) Never in my life 
B) In the morning
C)   After a while 
  • 35. A prepositional phrase can act as which parts of speech in a sentence?
A) verb and adverb
B) adjective and adverb
C) noun and adjective
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