• 1. Which is an adjective?
A) happily
B) colourful
C) haunting
D) reduce
E) craze
  • 2. Which is an adverb?
A) wet
B) very
C) plastic
D) direct
E) masculine
  • 3. Which is a verb?
A) desk
B) seductively
C) website
D) pronounce
E) ironic
  • 4. Which is a noun?
A) healthy
B) pronunciation
C) recognise
D) renewing
E) add
  • 5. Which is a complete sentence?
A) The farmer chased the pig around the farmyard.
B) The realisation dawned to.
C) They'll know we friends because we share.
D) Jefferson the time had come him to go.
E) Once upon a time.
  • 6. Which is an incomplete sentence?
A) We had never experienced this before.
B) Remove from your busy schedule.
C) You are saved by grace alone.
D) Don't be so sensitive about this.
E) This pen doesn't seem to want to work.
  • 7. Which is an declarative sentence?
A) We like to skate on the frozen pond.
B) Ouch! Did that hurt?
C) Do not skate on a frozen pond.
D) Do you ever skate on a frozen pond?
E) Remember the time we skated on a frozen pond?
  • 8. What is the first step to writing a paragraph?
A) Proofread your paragraph.
B) Write your final copy.
C) Write the paragraph.
D) Write an outline.
  • 9. What is the plural of sheep?
A) sheap
B) sheeps
C) sheep
D) sheeped
E) sheepes
  • 10. Which is a possessive pronoun?
A) joy
B) mum
C) its
D) him
E) what
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