If You Made a Million Comprehension
  • 1. This selection is most like an _______.
A) advertisement
B) autograph
C) interview
D) informational book
  • 2. In this selection, what happens when you do one of the suggested jobs?
A) You get to make wishes.
B) You score points.
C) You earn money.
D) You win prizes.
  • 3. Which of the following combination has the same value as one dollar?
A) ten dimes
B) five nickels
C) two quarters
D) twenty pennies
  • 4. You can earn the most interest from a bank by _____.
A) leaving your money in the bank for a year
B) leaving your money in the bank for many years
C) doing jobs for the bank
D) getting paid with dollar bills
  • 5. The author suggested using a check at times instead of money. In this select, a check is a _______.
A) written order to a bank to pay money to someone
B) pattern of squares on clothing
C) mark that shows something is chosen
D) bill at a restaurant
  • 6. You give someone a check and that person puts it in the bank. Your check then goes to _____.
A) a clearinghouse
B) a store
C) your bank
D) a gas station
  • 7. When you borrow money from a bank, you must pay back _______.
A) less money than you borrowed
B) none of the money you borrowed
C) more money than you borrowed
D) as much money as you borrowed
  • 8. Your friend wants to sell you a bike for $50. Which sentence is an example of a down payment, according to this article?
A) You give your friend $60 , and she gives you $10 back.
B) You give your friend $10 and promise to pay her $10 a week for four more weeks.
C) You give your friend $50.
D) You give your friend $25, and your dad gives her $25.
  • 9. According to the selection, what is the largest bill made today?
A) $10
B) $50
C) $100
D) $20
  • 10. The most important fact about having a million dollars is that _____.
A) a million dollars in quarters weighs as much as a whale
B) you can buy something expensive with it
C) it's not a lot of money
D) you need to decide whether to spend it or save it
  • 11. A million dollars in one-dollar bills would weigh ______.
A) under 360 pounds
B) over one ton
C) under one ton
D) over two tons
  • 12. Why did the author write this book?
A) to encourage readers to spend money
B) to explain how to make a million dollars
C) to tell a funny story
D) to explain the money system
  • 13. Name three ways you can pay for things.
  • 14. There are two kinds of interest. Explain the difference between the interest leaving money in the bank and the interest for borrowing money.
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