AIC SS 1 IRS Revision Test (2nd Term)
  • 1. 1. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Al-Hadithul-Quds?
A) It is considered to be divinely inspired
B) It is part of the Quranic text
C) It is a saying of the Prophet Muhammad
D) It is a sacred narration
  • 2. 2. Al-Hadithul-Quds is often characterized by its:
A) Historical context
B) Chain of narrators
C) Lengthy explanation
D) Direct attribution to Allah
  • 3. 3. The longest Surah in the Quran is:
A) Suratul Fathia
B) Suratul Al Imran
C) Suratul Baqarah
D) Suratul Mulk
  • 4. 4. Amana Rasul refers to the belief in:
A) The Prophethood
B) The Day of judgment
C) Angels
D) Divine Books
  • 5. 5. The concept of Amana Rasul emphasizes the importance of:
A) Following the Sunnah
B) Performing Hajj
C) Respecting Elders
D) Reciting the Quran daily
  • 6. 6. Ash-Shirk refers to the sin of:
A) Praying five times a day
B) Associating partners with Allah
C) Fasting during Ramadan
D) Giving charity
  • 7. 7 The opposite of Ash-Shirk in Islamic belief is:
A) Solah
B) Tawheed
C) Zakah
D) Sawm
  • 8. 8. The term "Khulafau-r Rashidun" refers to:
A) The scholars of Islamic jurisprudence
B) The rightly guided caliphs
C) The wives of the Prophet
D) The ten companions promised paradise
  • 9. 9. How many Khulafau-r Rashidun were there in total?
A) Seven
B) Four
C) Three
D) Five
  • 10. 10. What is the literal translation of "Al-Hadithul-Quds"?
A) Holy book
B) Prophet Traditions
C) Divine Saying
D) Sacred Hadith
  • 11. 11. Al-Hadithul-Quds is believed to contain the words of:
A) Prophet Muhammad
B) Angel Jibril
C) The companions of the Prophet
D) Allah
  • 12. 12. Which Surah of the Quran is known as the "The Cow"?
A) Suratul Iklas
B) Suratul al An'am
C) Suratul Baqarah
D) Suratul Fatiha
  • 13. 13. Amana Rasul includes belief in all the Prophets mentioned in the:
A) Quran
B) Old Testament
C) New Testament
D) Torah
  • 14. 14. Amana Rasul emphasizes the importance of following the:
A) Sunnah
B) Culture
C) Family tradition
D) Popular opinion
  • 15. 15. Ash-Shirk is considered the greatest sin in Islam because it violates the principle of:
A) Tawheed
B) Taharah
C) Taqwa
D) Tawakkul
  • 16. 16. The Khulafau-r Rashidun ruled the Muslim community for a total of:
A) 20 Years
B) 30 Years
C) 50 Years
D) 40 Years
  • 17. 17. Al-Hadithul-Quds is often characterized by its direct attribution to:
A) The Companions
B) Allah
C) Muhammad
D) Angel Israfil
  • 18. 18. Which of the following is a common theme found in Al-Hadithul-Quds?
A) Legal rulings
B) Ethical guidance
C) Historical events
D) Stories of the Prophets
  • 19. 19. Which Surah of the Quran is known as "The Opening"?
A) Suratul Qariah
B) Suratul Ikhlas
C) Suratul Fatiha
D) Suratul Nas
  • 20. 20. The Study of Amana Rasul emphasizes the importance of following the teachings of:
A) The Prophets
B) The scholars
C) The imam
D) The caliphs
  • 21. 21. Al Quds means
A) Pure
B) Only
C) Honor
D) Sacred
  • 22. 22. The Quran contains _____ chapters
A) 441
B) 114
C) 141
D) 144
  • 23. 23. The Qur'an was revealed over the period of ___ years
A) 32
B) 23
C) 22
D) 40
  • 24. 24. The Surah are categorized under ___ groups
A) 2
B) 7
C) 114
D) 441
  • 25. 25. The Quran was arranged according to it mode of revelation
    A) False
A) True
B) False
  • 26. 26. Which category of the revelation focused on legal matters,social issues.
A) Makkah Suroh
B) Lamiyyah
C) Suratul Qosos
D) Madinah Suroh
  • 27. 27. Makkan suroh focus on matters of
A) Fear
B) Punishment
C) Sincerity
D) Faith
  • 28. 28. ____ played a vital role in development of Tafsir.
A) The Ansar
B) The Mujahid
C) The Sahaba
  • 29. 29. Abdullah ibn Uthman freed a slave called
A) Bilal
B) Ibn maqtum
C) Jash
  • 30. 30. Ibn Kathir is known with
A) Those that stood firm with the Prophet
B) Tafsir of the Quran
C) One of the accompany to Madinah
  • 31. 31. Amana Rasul is the ____ verse in Suratul Baqarah
A) 285
B) 310
C) 200
D) 260
  • 32. 32. Showing off one good deeds can be classified under As Shirk
A) Al Mahruf
B) Al Akbar
C) Al Asghar
  • 33. 33. Atheist are those who believe Allāh
A) None of the above
B) His one and only
C) As a begotten son
D) The son of Mary
  • 34. 34
    . الدِّينُ النَّصِيحَةُ.
    Can be found in Hadith
A) 8
B) 6
C) 7
D) 5
  • 35. 35. Hadith 9 was in Authority of
A) Abu Ruqoyyah
B) Abdulrahman
C) Muslim
D) Abdul Hadi
  • 36. 36. Hadith 7 was related by
A) Buhari
B) An Nasai
C) Muslim
D) At-Tirmidhi
  • 37. 37. The main lesson in hadith 9 is
A) Sincerity
B) Clarification
C) Ruling
D) Iman
  • 38. 38. Umar was ____ years younger than the Prophet
A) 3
B) 11
C) 13
D) 12
  • 39. 39. Abdullah bin Uthman had issue with people because
A) Zakat
B) Hajj
C) His wife
D) Piece of land
  • 40. 40. Abubakar is to Sidiq as Umar is to
A) Ah Lukman
B) Fatih
C) Faruq
D) Khotob
  • 41. 41. Uhud is a
A) Mountain
B) A strong enemy of Islam
C) Dorset
  • 42. 42 One of the prominent sahaba that did the first Hijrah was
A) Zunurain
B) Abdullah ibn Roba
C) Zulqornain
D) Salman Al farisi
  • 43. 43. Abdullah bin Uthman freed ____ from slavery
A) Al Farisi
B) Al lalaqai
C) Salman
D) Bilal
  • 44. 44. Abubakar was a kind hearted man
A) Non of the above
B) True
C) False
  • 45. 45. Umar gave his daughter ____ in marriage
A) Hafsoh
B) Maimuna
C) Khodijah
D) Aisha
  • 46. 46. ____ in his regime do go out to care for the people need
A) Ibn Maki
B) Al Faruq
C) Hamza
  • 47. 47. The fourth caliph was the son of
A) Abu Lubaba
B) Abu Tolib
C) Abdul mutolib
  • 48. 48. When ___ take a path, shaiton takes the other
A) Faruq
B) Musa al Ashari
C) Nuhain
D) Al farisi
  • 49. 49. Suratul Baqarah is also known as
A) The last
B) The End
C) The Cow
  • 50. 50. Zakat is the ____ pillar of Islam
A) 2
B) 4
C) 3
D) 5
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