Quiz #10 Ecosystem Unit Preview
  • 1. A system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with its environment
A) Terrarium
B) Community
C) Ecosystem
D) Ecology
  • 2. The branch of Biology dealing with the relations and interactions between orgainisms and their environment
A) Biology
B) Zoology
C) Ecology
D) Sunology
  • 3. A series of organisms interrelated in their feeding habits, the smallest being fed upon by a larger one.
A) Food Necklace
B) Food Chain
C) Food Rope
D) Food web
  • 4. A glass sided tank, bowl in which aquatic animals live
A) Shark Tank
B) Aquarium
C) Terrarium
D) Ecolumn
  • 5. A glass container chiefly enclosed for growing and displaying plants
A) Aquarium
B) Shark Tank
C) Ecolumn
D) Terrarium
  • 6. The process in which plants make their food
A) Photosynthesis
B) Photo of me
C) Photography
D) Photocholor
  • 7. The green color of the plant is called
A) colorplast
B) chlorophyll
C) chloroless
D) chloromore
  • 8. The continous sequence of natural processes by which nitrogen in the atmosphere and nitrogenous compounds in the soil are converted
A) Compost Cycle
B) Motorcycle
C) Nitrogen Cycle
D) Water Cycle
  • 9. When a seed begins to grow and develop
A) Germs
B) Transpiration
C) Evaporation
D) Germination
  • 10. The interrelated food chains in an ecological community
A) Food Rope
B) Food Chain
C) Food Web
D) Food Necklace
  • 11. Animals and plants that live in water are called ______
A) Wet
B) Aquatic
C) Aquamarine
D) Aqua
  • 12. A person or thing that eats
A) Comptroller
B) director
C) Consumer
D) Producer
  • 13. An animal that only eats plants is called a
A) Omnivore
B) Herbivore
C) Carnivore
D) Univore
  • 14. An animal that only eats other animals is called a
A) Carnivore
B) Herbivore
C) Univore
D) Omnivore
  • 15. An animal that eats both plants and animals is called a
A) Onmivore
B) Univore
C) Carnivore
D) Herbivore
  • 16. Humans are carnivore.
A) False
B) True
  • 17. The Sun is a
A) producer of water
B) Primary producer of energy
C) Secondary source of energy
D) Tertiary Producer of energy
  • 18. The green color of plants is produced from organelles called
A) chloroplasts
B) vacuoles
C) cytoplasm
D) cell membranes
  • 19. Consumers in an ecosystem serve a 'healthy' role for a species by consuming animals that are either too weak or too _________________.
A) old
B) fast
C) hyper
D) young
  • 20. Along a food chain, the role of __________________________ is to help return or recycle the primary chemical compounds of organisms back to the chain: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and other minor compounds.
A) producers (plants, trees)
B) decomposers (bacteria, fungus)
C) consumers (lions, tigers)
D) prey (deer, water buffaloes)
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