Jss 2 IRS 3rd Test (2nd Term)
  • 1. 1. Which Surah condemns those who neglect their prayers?
A) Suratuz-Zalzalah
B) Suratul Adiyat
C) Suratul Qari'a
D) Suratul Ma'un
  • 2. 2. Hadith 11 was in the authority of ____
A) Umar ibn al-Khattab
B) Abu Muhammad Al Hassan
C) Uthman ibn Affan
D) Abu Zaid
  • 3. 3. Wishing for your brother what you wish for yourself " is contained in Hadith
A) 11
B) 10
C) 14
D) 13
  • 4. 4. Special prayers are also known as
A) Noah
B) Nafl
C) Surf
D) Fard
  • 5. 5. The prayer done for the dead is Solatul
A) Istinjar
B) Safar
C) Khusuf
D) Janazah
  • 6. 6. Zakat is the ___ pillar of Islam
A) 2nd
B) 5th
C) 4th
D) 3rd
  • 7. 7. The debtor should also receive Zakat
A) False
B) True
  • 8. 8. Hadith No 16 mainly on
A) Patience
B) Blessings
C) Danger
D) Happiness
  • 9. 9.Hadith 16 was related by
A) Muslim
B) Al Bukhari
C) Al Nasai
D) Abu Aneef
  • 10. 10. Hadith 17 is in authority of
A) Abu Dawood
B) Abu Haneef
C) Abu Yalaa
D) Abu Dhari
  • 11. 11. Suratul Ma'un contains ___ verses
A) 6
B) 7
C) 9
D) 8
  • 12. 12.
    ٱلَّذِينَ هُمْ يُرَآءُون Is the _____ verse
A) 4th
B) 5th
C) 3rd
D) 6th
  • 13. 13.
    فَذَٰلِكَ ٱلَّذِى يَدُعُّ ٱلْيَتِيمَ
A) Woe to those who delay their solah
B) For that is the one who drives away the orphan
C) And they lack concentration
  • 14. 14. Hadith 17 was related by
A) Naisa
B) Tirmidhi
C) Muslim
D) Umar ibn al-Khattab
  • 15. 15. Paying of Zakat is compulsory more on the Male than the female
A) True
B) False
  • 16. 16. Solatul istikhoroh is performed for
A) Taking away fear
B) Al qunut
C) Decision making
  • 17. 17. Nafl are the core prayers compulsory on muslims
A) True
B) False
  • 18. 18. You are obsessed for greed for more and more " is in Suratul
A) Takathur
B) Ma'un
C) Zalzalah
D) Qariah
  • 19. 19.
    كَلَّا لَوْ تَعْلَمُونَ عِلْمَ ٱلْيَقِينِ
    Is in Suratul
A) Nasr
B) Takathur
C) Qariah
D) Falaq
  • 20. 20. The last verse in Suratul Nasr is
A) ان شَانِئَكَ هُوَ ٱلْأَبْتَرُ
B) فَسَبِّحْ بِحَمْدِ رَبِّكَ وَٱسْتَغْفِرْهُۚ إِنَّهُۥ كَانَ تَوَّاب
C) وَرَأَيْتَ ٱلنَّاسَ يَدْخُلُونَ فِى دِينِ ٱللَّهِ أَفْوَاجًا
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