AIC JSS 2 Prevoc assignment
  • 1. .......... are simple erection that are constructed on the farm site to make farming activities easier
A) Farmland
B) Farm yard
C) Farm site
D) Farm building
  • 2. Harvesting involves the removal of ............ crops
A) Matured
B) Spoilt
C) Fine
D) Short
  • 3. Wooden and metal structures should be........ to prevent wearing away
A) Decorated
B) Sealed
C) Painted
D) Dressed
  • 4. The conversion of crop produce into other usable form is called.......
A) Marketing
B) Harvesting
C) Storage
D) Processing
  • 5. .......... is not a way of maintaining farm structures and buildings
A) Regular repair
B) Painting
C) Regular neglect
D) Regular cleaning
  • 6. Farm tools made with iron or steel can be maintained by
A) Applying chemicals
B) Exposing to dew
C) Applying water
D) Lubrication
  • 7. Livestock pens should not be sited close to living houses to avoid
A) Drainage
B) Enemies
C) Ventilation
D) Offensive odour
  • 8. One of the following soil types is the best for agriculture
A) Sandy
B) Loamy
C) Rocky
D) Clay
  • 9. The general farming activities carried out on the farm during crop production from land preparation to harvesting are called
A) Harvesting
B) Cultural practices
C) Bush clearing
D) Production
  • 10. The farming activities carried out before planting is done is called
A) Practical operation
B) Pre planting
C) Planting operation
D) Post planting
  • 11. Which of the following is not an advantage of mixed farming
A) Crop residue can be fed to animals
B) Farmers can be fed on balance diet
C) Animals are prone to disease and pest infestation
D) Crop residue can be plough to soil
  • 12. The process in which rock has to disintegrate into tiny particles to form soil is called......
A) Magma
B) Weathering
C) Metamorphic
D) Disintegration
  • 13. One of this is not a reason for mulching
A) It checks weed growth
B) It prevent air penetration into the soil
C) It conserves moisture
D) Materials decay to form organic manure
  • 14. .......... is the techniques and method of farming adopted by a farmer in organizing farm enterprise
A) Fallowing system
B) Pastoral system
C) Mixed system
D) Farming system
  • 15. Stalking is done for......
A) Beans
B) Rice
C) Yam
D) Maize
  • 16. The replacement of seeds that failed to germinate is
A) Supplying
B) Mulching
C) Staking
D) Thinning
  • 17. Bush fallowing is a farming system in which a piece of land is
A) Use for forest tree cultivation
B) Cultivated annually
C) Cultivated for sometime and allowed to rest
D) Allowed to remain uncultivated
  • 18. All are gotten from tree except
A) Dyes
B) Ropes
C) Feather
D) Gums
  • 19. When forest leaves and branches fall on the soil, they decay and become........
A) Poison for the living organisms
B) Granite which help in building
C) Humus which help in improving soil fertility
D) Clay which help in moulding
  • 20. The canopy of the forest leaves reduce the impact of intense sunshine on the soil thereby
A) Reducing body temperature
B) Causing heavy rain fall
C) Increasing wildlife
D) Reducing evaporation of soil water
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