Science Vocabulary: The Sun and Planets
  • 1. An orbit is a ____________.
A) street
B) island
C) organ
D) path
  • 2. Including Pluto (which may or may not be a true planet), how many planets are there?
A) nine
B) seven
C) five
D) ten
  • 3. The solar system is made up of the ____________ and all of the objects around it.
A) Sun
B) Moon
C) Orbit
D) Planet
  • 4. A planet is a large body of gas or ____________ that orbits the sun.
A) cloud
B) rock
C) air
D) lunar
  • 5. Earth is the __________ planet from the sun.
A) third
B) fifth
C) fourth
D) second
  • 6. The sun is a ___________ because it is a hot, glowing ball of gases.
A) planet
B) moon
C) satelite
D) star
  • 7. Which planets are the first and eight planet?
A) Mercury and Neptune
B) Mars and Venus
C) Saturn and Jupiter
D) Earth and Pluto
  • 8. What is a tool that is used to gather light to make faraway objects look closer?
A) microwave
B) telescope
C) microscope
D) telegraph
  • 9. A curved piece of glass is called a _____________.
A) ball
B) phone
C) lens
D) sphere
  • 10. Which of the following is not a part of the solar system?
A) the sun
B) the moon
C) the planets
D) the ocean
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Answer Key

1.D   2.A   3.A   4.B   5.A   6.D   7.A   8.B   9.C   10.D  

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