The Armadillo from Amarillo Comprehension
  • 1. All of the following are reasons that this selection is a fantasy except ________.
A) its purpose is to entertain
B) the events can't really happen
C) the characters are unreal
D) it presents factual information
  • 2. Sasparillo leaves home because he wants to ______.
A) see a city
B) visit Brillo
C) climb a tower
D) explore the world
  • 3. Who is Brillo?
A) an eagle
B) an armadillo
C) a zookeeper
D) a wild turkey
  • 4. Sasparillo feels that the land near Amarillo is too _____.
A) flat and cool
B) wet and hot
C) hilly and hot
D) high and cool
  • 5. In this selection, Austin, Abilene, and Lubbock are places in _____.
A) Louisiana
B) Texas
C) Arkansas
D) California
  • 6. Sasparillo wants to ride on the eagle's back to _______.
A) get a bigger view of the land
B) take a rest from walking
C) see how it feels to fly
D) feel the cool air up high
  • 7. After they see the city of Amarillo, Sasparillo and Eagle next see the __________.
A) planet Earth
B) state of Texas
C) North American continent
D) United States of America
  • 8. Which of the following could not happen in real life?
A) an eagle flying fast enough to catch a rocket ship
B) a rocket shuttle heading into space
C) Texas being one of the fifty states
D) craters existing on the moon
  • 9. How does Armadillo finally get to see where in the world he is?
A) He rides on a spaceship into outer space.
B) He goes to the top of the tallest building in San Antonio.
C) He climbs up canyon walls.
D) He gets Eagle to give him a ride.
  • 10. How does Armadillo change after he sees where he is on Earth?
A) He is ready to go home.
B) He wants to travel alone again.
C) He wants to travel to more places.
D) He and Eagle stop being friends.
  • 11. Which word best tells about Armadillo?
A) scared
B) curious
C) jealous
D) lazy
  • 12. What is the most important thing Sasparillo learns from his traveling?
A) where his place in the world is
B) how rockets are launched
C) how thin the air in space is
D) how many planets there are
  • 13. What does the name Amarillo mean, and why do you think the city is called this?
  • 14. Describe what Earth looks like from space?
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