Literature 3rd C.A. for SS 2
  • 1. A couplet is formed by _________.
A) two rhyming lines of poetry
B) five rhyming lines of poetry
C) four rhyming lines of poetry
D) five alternate rhyming lines
  • 2. Which of the following is not a theme in the poem "The Grieved Land of Africa"?
A) The oppression of women
B) The power of time
C) The importance of song
D) Joy of retirement
  • 3. Which is a Non-African Poetry?
A) Black Woman
B) The song of the women of my land
C) The leader and the led
D) The Good Morrow
  • 4. The poem " The leader and the led is written by ___
A) Oumar Farouk
B) Niyi Osundare
C) John Kolosa
D) Wole Soyinka
  • 5. The poem " Black Woman" has it's setting in _______
A) Nairobi
B) Europe
C) Africa
D) England
  • 6. The major theme in the poem "Black Woman" is _
A) Racism
B) Blackness as a subject of beauty
C) African Land
D) Rejection of European standard of beauty
  • 7. In the poem" The Grieved Land of Africa", sweat......seas, flower......forest, jingling.......jailers, victorious voice, decked......dances, baobabs....... balances are examples of ________
A) Repetition
B) Metaphor
C) Assonance
D) Alliteration
  • 8. The subject matter in the poem" The song of the women of my land' is on _____
A) The training of African women
B) The endurance of African women
C) the plight of African women
D) The beauty of African women
  • 9. Enjambment is also called _______
A) Continuation
B) Rhetorical question
C) Run-on-line
D) Symbolism
  • 10. The poem " A Government Driver on his retirement" is a narrative poem
A) I don't know
B) True
C) False
  • 11. A literary device that creates a mental picture of a situation is ______
A) symbolism
B) imagery
C) epilogue
D) flashback
  • 12. The feeling and attitudes of a writer are conveyed by __________
A) language
B) mood
C) theme
D) setting
  • 13. Rhyming words ______
A) are parallel lines
B) have similar  spellings
C) convey meaning
D) sound alike
  • 14. A writer’s choice of words is his ______
A) setting
B) diction
C) tone
D) mood
  • 15. Which of the following options is the stronghold of poetry?
A) ideas only
B) all of the above
C) emotion only
D) beauty only
  • 16. ‘Like the dew on the thorn Like the foam below a valley Like the bubble on a sweet babe born Thou art gone, forever rarely’ The rhyme scheme of the above extract is
A) aabb
B) abba
C) abab
D) abcd
  • 17. The poem “The Leader and the Led”, is about __________.
A) the animals choosing a leader
B) the animals fighting against man
C) the king of the jungle
D) when to make the right choices
  • 18. According to the poem, which animal has a “lethal appetite”?
A) elephant
B) warthog
C) hyena
D) lion
  • 19. Tough like a tiger, compassionate like a doe Transparent like a river, mysterious like a lake" The lines above illustrate the use of ________
A) simile
B) antithesis
C) oxymoron
D) irony
  • 20. Our need calls for a hybrid of habits”, Proclaims the Forest Sage,' The above refers to the need for __________.
A) truth
B) balance
C) war
D) agreement
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