AIC JSS 3 English Language 2nd Term Exam
  • 1. 1. (Choose the option that is nearly opposite in meaning in the following sentences.) The land is 'barren'.
A) Rough
B) Old
C) Fertile
D) New
  • 2. 2. He had a 'natural' look but his wife has....... one.
A) a sophisticated
B) an artificial
C) a fine
D) a beautiful
  • 3. 3. We seek for 'peace' not ......
A) piece
B) problem
C) war
D) unrest
  • 4. 4. Yemisi puts on 'loose' garment on sunday.
A) tight
B) torn
C) untidy
D) clean
  • 5. 5. The 'plantiff' proved his case beyond any doubt unlike the.......
A) accuser
B) lawyer
C) defendant
D) judge
  • 6. 6. ( Choose the word that is most nearest in meaning). Chinua Achebe is a ' renewed ' novelist.
A) famous
B) witty
C) hostile
D) wonderful
  • 7. 7.( Choose the word that is opposite in meaning)I 'admire' students who are serious with their studies.
A) detest
B) ignore
C) adore
D) fancy
  • 8. 8. During the carnival the street was' crowded'
A) congested
B) busy
C) quite
D) deserted
  • 9. 9. She secure a 'permanent' job
A) practical
B) good
C) temporary
D) regular
  • 10. 10. John ' whispered ' the answer to her ear when the teacher turn away.
A) gave
B) passed
C) grumbled
D) shouted
  • 11. 11. ( Choose the word that is nearest in meaning). When we couldn't find the boy, suspected that he must've been 'abducted'.
A) killed
B) kidnapped
C) stolen
D) arrested
  • 12. 12. The students were told to be 'hardworking'.
A) serious
B) painstaking
C) intelligent
D) industrious
  • 13. 13. The boy was ' anxious ' to see his benefactor.
A) afraid
B) happy
C) eager
D) reluctant
  • 14. 14. Because of a probable dent on one's image, some old politicians now ' abhor ' corruption.
A) embrace
B) love
C) hate
D) like
  • 15. 15. Please throw away that rotten egg, it has a ' pungent ' smell.
A) pleasant
B) repulsive
C) sweet
D) aromatic
  • 16. 16. The 'humble' woman came here yesterday.
A) proud
B) rich
C) friendly
D) modest
  • 17. 17. I gave Tomi some money to 'make-up' for what he lost.
A) compensate
B) add to
C) inclusive
D) reduce
  • 18. 18.My father's brother is my......
A) Cousin
B) Nephew
C) Uncle
D) Siblings
  • 19. 19. The doctor specializes.......the treatment of chest diseases.
A) in
B) over
C) on
D) at
  • 20. 20. Have you.....the newspaper today.
A) reed
B) rid
C) read
D) raed
  • 21. 21. A .....of people gathered at the accident scene.
A) hurdle
B) colony
C) host
D) crowd
  • 22. 22. You prefer playing soccer to volleyball,
A) won't
B) do
C) will
D) don't
  • 23. 23. There at the motor park.
A) much
B) lots
C) Plenty
D) many
  • 24. 24. I joining our school team.
A) on
B) to
C) by
D) at
  • 25. 25. Adeola has no parents so, he is ......
A) a bastard
B) a destitude
C) an outcast
D) an orphan
  • 26. 26. The accused person was...... in prison.
A) punished
B) remanded
C) reprimanded
D) detained
  • 27. 27. The with the indigo by the designer.
A) dyed
B) sewn
C) died
D) cut
  • 28. 28. Aisha and Rukaya hugged......when they have settled their differences
A) one another
B) each other
C) theirself
D) themselves
  • 29. 29. The note was the passive form of " I was writing the note".
A) been writing by me
B) been written by me
C) being writing by me
D) being written by me
  • 30. 30. You have not done your assignment,
A) have
B) didn't
C) did
D) haven't
  • 31. 31. Which of the following words has consonant cluster?
A) pure
B) receipt
C) tomb
D) psychology
  • 32. 32. ....... rhymes with the word 'rise'
A) Lace
B) Prize
C) Rice
  • 33. 33. All these words has three syllables except
A) Students
B) Cemetery
C) Frequency
D) Admonish
  • 34. 34. Which of the following is without consonant cluster
A) Dress
B) Receipt
C) Belt
D) Milk
  • 35. 35. There are...... consonants sounds in English.
A) 44
B) 24
C) 26
D) 20
  • 36. 36. /Choose the word that contain the sound represented by each phonetic symbol. /a:/
A) Bag
B) Take
C) Cart
D) Sale
  • 37. 37. /u:/
A) Pull
B) Took
C) Take
D) Shoe
  • 38. 38. /au/
A) Low
B) Umbrella
C) How
D) Automatic
  • 39. 39./h/
A) House
B) Hour
C) Honest
D) Honour
  • 40. 40. /j/
A) George
B) Why
C) Yellow
D) Judge
  • 41. 41. common to all the three genres of literature
A) Language
B) Protagonist
C) Lines
D) Stage play
  • 42. 42. The writer of drama is also known as.....
A) Poet
B) Author
C) Playwright
D) Hero
  • 43. 43. Prose is divided Into.....
A) chapters
B) acts
C) scene
D) stanzas
  • 44. common in prose and drama
A) Narration
B) Costume
C) Rehearsal
D) Stage
  • 45. 45. Paragraph is to prose to poem
A) drama
B) line
C) act
D) stanza
  • 46. 46. What is the real name of Jigogo? In the text " the missing envelope"
A) Araguda Araguda
B) Kokolola
C) Omoyeni
D) Oladara omoyeni
  • 47. 47. Why was Omoyeni called a " magician Journalist"?
A) He grew up in the slum
B) He is skillful in outstanding strategies and crucial information
C) He is smart
D) He is cunning
  • 48. 48. What is the title of the first journal written by Omoyeni
A) Disguise strategy
B) Journalism in disguise
C) The justified one's
D) A caged freedom
  • 49. 49. How did Omoyeni won the governor's affection ?
A) He was a freelancer journalist
B) When he apprehend a disguised criminal who carried a camera gun to a political function
C) He was an intelligent Journalist
D) Omoyeni's selfless service and sagacity
  • 50. 50. What is the name of the course that Bolaji Ajolaye studied in the University?
A) Criminology
B) Linguistics
C) International relations
D) Mass communication
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