AIC JS 2 Prevoc 3rd Term Exam 2022/23
  • 1. This method of fishing endangers human life and should be avoided
A) Use of traps
B) Draining of water
C) Use of fishing nets
D) Use of poison
  • 2. Harvesting involves the removal of ............ crops
A) Short
B) Spoilt
C) Matured
D) Fine
  • 3. The conversion of crop produce into other usable form is called.......
A) Storage
B) Harvesting
C) Processing
D) Marketing
  • 4. Farm tools made with iron or steel can be maintained by
A) Lubrication
B) Applying water
C) Applying chemicals
D) Exposing to dew
  • 5. Livestock pens should not be sited close to living houses to avoid
A) Enemies
B) Ventilation
C) Offensive odour
D) Drainage
  • 6. One of the following soil types is the best for agriculture
A) Rocky
B) Sandy
C) Clay
D) Loamy
  • 7. The farming activities carried out before planting is done is called
A) Practical operation
B) Planting operation
C) Pre planting
D) Post planting
  • 8. Which of the following is not an advantage of mixed farming
A) Farmers can be fed on balance diet
B) Crop residue can be fed to animals
C) Crop residue can be plough to soil
D) Animals are prone to disease and pest infestation
  • 9. One of this is not a reason for mulching
A) It checks weed growth
B) Materials decay to form organic manure
C) It prevent air penetration into the soil
D) It conserves moisture
  • 10. The replacement of seeds that failed to germinate is
A) Staking
B) Mulching
C) Thinning
D) Supplying
  • 11. Bush fallowing is a farming system in which a piece of land is
A) Cultivated annually
B) Use for forest tree cultivation
C) Allowed to remain uncultivated
D) Cultivated for sometime and allowed to rest
  • 12. In........ region there are scattered trees with mixture of grasses
A) Sahel
B) Derived
C) Mamu river
D) Zamfara
  • 13. Forest also serve as a.......
A) Hospital
B) Recreational centre
C) Restaurant
D) Cementry
  • 14. ...... Is on of the forest reserve in Nigeria
A) Akali forest
B) Okomu forest
C) Oman forest
D) Saki forest
  • 15. Shasha river forest reserve is in.......
A) Kaduna state
B) Oyo state
C) Ogun state
D) Anambra state
  • 16. Forest serves as natural habitat to....
A) Domestic animals
B) Human being
C) Livestock
D) Wild life
  • 17. Forest provides employment like
A) Lawyers
B) Hunters
C) Dry cleaner
D) Doctors
  • 18. ........... Purify the air by utilizing the carbon dioxide for photosynthesis and releasing oxygen
A) Mammals
B) Wild animals
C) Forest
D) Vertebrates
  • 19. All are gotten from tree except
A) Dyes
B) Ropes
C) Feather
D) Gums
  • 20. The back, roots and stem of....... are used for medicine
A) Tree
B) Bird
C) Elephant
D) Horse
  • 21. When forest leaves and branches fall on the soil, they decay and become........
A) Granite which help in building
B) Humus which help in improving soil fertility
C) Poison for the living organisms
D) Clay which help in moulding
  • 22. ........ help in cloud formation and enhance the possibility of local rainfall
A) Livestock
B) Crop rotation
C) Mixed farming
D) Forest
  • 23. The canopy of the forest leaves reduce the impact of intense sunshine on the soil thereby
A) Increasing wildlife
B) Causing heavy rain fall
C) Reducing evaporation of soil water
D) Reducing body temperature
  • 24. Matured trees are between...... years
A) 15-20
B) 10-15
C) 20-25
D) 25-30
  • 25. Illegal falling of trees should be.....
A) The best
B) Discourage
C) Encourage
D) Recognise
  • 26. ........ results in the destabilization of the ecosystem in the environment
A) Exploitation
B) Management
C) Regulation
D) Deforestation
  • 27. ........... reduces soil erosion
A) Deforestation
B) Exploitation
C) Regulation
D) Afforestation
  • 28. Vitamins yielding feeds can be grouped into...... and........
A) Water soluble , fat soluble
B) Free soluble, thick soluble
C) Normal soluble, abnormal soluble
D) Wet soluble, dry soluble
  • 29. .......... are feeds given to animals in order to supply deficient nutrient
A) Hay
B) Roughages
C) Supplements
D) Mineral yielding feeds
  • 30. The type of ration which contains enough nutrients for growth, maintenance and production is called
A) Normal ration
B) Balance ration
C) Production ration
D) Real ration
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