Papa Tells Chita a Story Comprehension
  • 1. Chita likes her special time with Papa because she ________.
A) tells Mama to hurry with the dishes
B) can help Papa in his office
C) gets out of doing the dishes
D) likes the stories Papa tells
  • 2. Papa works as a ________.
A) doctor
B) storyteller
C) cowboy
D) teacher
  • 3. In this story, Papa fights in _______.
A) The Spanish War
B) The American War
C) World War II
D) the Civil War
  • 4. Chita knows so much about Papa's story ahead of time because she has _______.
A) heard it many times.
B) read ahead of him.
C) read it before
D) seen it before
  • 5. Where does Papa's story take place?
A) Cuba
B) United States
C) Mexico
D) Africa
  • 6. In Papa's story, the problem for the colonel is he didn't have enough _______.
A) soldiers and supplies
B) supplies and medicine
C) weapons and supplies
D) soldiers and pouches
  • 7. The colonel's problem is solved because Papa volunteers to ________.
A) use his knowledge to make supplies
B) take a secret letter to the other troops
C) swim with alligators to prove he is brave
D) find the materials in the swamp on his own
  • 8. Papa convinced the colonel that he was the _______ soldier.
A) smartest
B) bravest
C) fastest
D) strongest
  • 9. Majestic was a _______.
A) soldier
B) bird
C) snake
D) horse
  • 10. Papa probably had a pouch made of oilskin in the story because oilskin is _________.
A) hard
B) waterproof
C) pretty
D) old
  • 11. In the story Papa tells, where does he try to sleep that night?
A) in an eagle's nest
B) in the swamp
C) on the high hill
D) close to the water
  • 12. Tell what the officer in charge does when Papa finally arrives with his message.
  • 13. Why could this story be called a tall tale?
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