Tajweed- AbuBakr & Umar Group ( 2nd Test)
  • 1. إخراج كل حرف من مخرجه وإعطاءه حقه ومستحقه من الصفات
A) Definition of Huruf
B) Definition of Tajweed
C) Definition of makharij Al- Huruf
  • 2. The phrase ( مخارج الحروف) means....
A) Point of articulation
B) House of letter
C) Letters of QUR'AN
  • 3. The sentence ( إخراج كل حرف من مخرجه) means.......
A) Using Tajweed while reading the Qur'an
B) Pronouncing every letter from its point of articulation
C) Giving every letter it's right
  • 4. The linguistic meaning of Tajweed is....
A) الحروف
B) التحسين
C) مخارج
D) التكبير
  • 5. These set of letters ( ب و م ) are pronounced from
A) خيشوم
B) حلق
C) لسان
D) الشفتان
  • 6. These set of letters ( مّ & نّ ) are pronounced from
A) حلق
B) خيشوم
C) لسان
D) الشفتان
  • 7. These set of letters ( ج ر س ض ذ ) are pronounced from
A) حلق
B) الشفتان
C) خيشوم
D) لسان
  • 8. These set of letters ( ع ح خ غ ء ه ) are pronounced from
A) لسان
B) خيشوم
C) الشفتان
D) حلق
  • 9. All three letters of elongation are produced from....
A) جوف
B) شفتان
C) لسان
D) حلف
  • 10. These are manners while reading QUR'AN except....
A) Believing that all the words of QUR'AN are divine words
B) Pondering about the messages therein
C) Movement of body and head
D) Understanding the meaning
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