Business Studies 3rd C.A. for JSS 3
  • 1. The apex bank in Nigeria is called
A) The Centre bank of Nigeria
B) The Center bank of Nigerian
C) The Central bank of Niger
D) The Central bank of Nigeria
  • 2. The following are commercial banks in the country except
A) Jaiz
B) Al Ameen Bank Plc
D) Lotus
E) Stanbic
  • 3. Commerce is subdivided into
A) Trade and aids to trade
B) Seller and buyer
C) Trade and the trader
D) Seller only
  • 4. Advertising is one of the aids to trade.
A) I don't know
B) complex to understand
C) false
D) True
  • 5. The ways , processes, procedures for doing something is referred to
A) Procedural
B) proceeds
C) process
D) office procedure
  • 6. ____________ helps work to be done faster.
A) Official work
B) Office category
C) procedural
D) Office procedure
  • 7. E- payment means
A) Election payment
B) Electioneering payment
C) Elected payment
D) None of the above
  • 8. _________ is a system of making transactions or paying for goods and services electronically without using cash or cheque.
A) Pay as you go
B) We are yet to be taught
C) E- payment
D) Paymasters
  • 9. VAT means
A) Valuation Added Tax
B) Value Added Test
C) None of the above
D) Value Added thesis
  • 10. ATM means
A) Autonomous Teller Machines
B) None of the above
C) Automated Teller Machine
D) Automobile Tellers Machinery
  • 11. Using an ATM is faster than going into the bank to withdraw cash.
A) True
B) false
C) cannot understand
D) It is fraud
  • 12. Cash can be withdrawn from an ATM machine at anytime.
A) false
B) totally disagree
C) It is so fraudulent.
D) True, provided there is network service.
  • 13. POS machine provides greater convenience for consumers due to ease of payments.
A) None of the above
B) totally disagree
C) Incorrect
D) True with good network service.
  • 14. A crossed cheque is a cheque with ______ parallel lines drawn across the payee's name.
A) three
B) none of the above
C) four
D) one
  • 15. A cheque can be open or crossed.
A) I don't know
B) True
C) I have not seen a cheque before to know that
D) false
  • 16. _________ is designed for making multiple electronic payments that recur periodically.
A) Autoservice
B) Autonomous
C) Automatic
D) Autopay
  • 17. _________ are usually issued for all money received in most business organization.
A) Receipts
B) Vouchers
C) Recipients
D) Receptors
  • 18. ________ are associated with the provision of services.
A) Goods
B) Services
C) Bills
D) Promotion
  • 19. _______ is a written order to a bank to pay on demand
A) All of the above
B) Bank
C) Banker
D) Cheque
  • 20. There are ______ types of wage payment system
A) four
B) two
C) six
D) three
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