Economics 3rd C.A. for SS 1
  • 1. Economics can be described as a\an __________
A) art
B) science
C) philosophy
D) All of the above
  • 2. Ends in Economics means ___________
A) end of anything
B) none of the above
C) human want or need or desire
D) resources
  • 3. Scarce means ______
A) unlimited available resources
B) limited unavailable resources
C) limited available resources
D) unlimited unavailable resources
  • 4. _____________ is a basic tool for economic analysis.
A) Chair
B) Utensil
C) Table
D) Stove
  • 5. The father of economics is called _________
A) Vladimir Putin
B) Joe Biden
C) Barak Obama
D) Adams Smith
  • 6. The major branches of economics are ________
A) economics and science
B) art and commercial
C) science and social science
D) Micro and macro economics
  • 7. In Economics, the word 'means' means ________
A) resources
B) services
C) goods
D) all of the above
  • 8. Choice is selecting from alternatives
A) True
B) False
  • 9. Pie charts are measured in ______
A) All of the above
B) percentage and degrees
C) ratios
D) sequences
  • 10. A table must have a _____
A) title or heading
B) Y axis
C) Both X and Y axes
D) X axis
  • 11. ___________ is concerned with the study of laws and theories
A) Micro Economics
B) Pure Economics
C) Applied Economics
D) Macro Economics
  • 12. Which of the following branches of Economics deals with the study of money and banking?
A) development economics
B) monetary economics
C) applied economics
D) pure economics
  • 13. There are ________ major types of bar charts.
A) seven
B) six
C) three
D) four
  • 14. _____________ are charts in which pictures or drawings of objects are used.
A) Picturegraph
B) Pictograms
C) Picturesque
D) All of the above
  • 15. ____________ is a graphical representation of frequency distribution.
A) Heroism
B) Historical
C) Histographic
D) Histogram
  • 16. The multiple bar chart is used when there are three or more variables.
A) Uncertain
B) False
C) True
D) None of the above
  • 17. ____________ is used to join or connect the highest and the lowest points of a group of data.
A) Pie chart
B) bar charts
C) Line graph
D) Pie graph
  • 18. The measure of central tendency is also known as ______
A) measure of tendencies
B) measure of location
C) Uncertain
D) measure of average
  • 19. __________ is systematic and orderly arrangement of information using rows and columns for presentation.
A) Table
B) Graphs
C) Bars
D) Chair
  • 20. This diagram is called ______
A) histogram
B) table
C) pie chart
D) bar chart
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