AIC SS 2 English Language 3rd Term Examination
  • 1. Choose the word that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the CAPITALIZED words and that will, at the same time, correctly fill the gap in the sentences in questions 1-4 . The leader of the delegation was COMMENDED for the manner in which he handled the matter, while their hosts were.........
A) applauded
B) praised
C) criticized
D) sanctioned
  • 2. Musa is very FRUGAL whereas his friend Audu is ........
A) extravagant
B) precocious
C) thrifty
D) miserly
  • 3. He was promoted for his EFFICIENCY while his colleague was demoted for..........
A) ability
B) lateness
C) capability
D) incompetence
  • 4. Okon's business is FLOURISHING while his father's is...........
A) withering
B) declining
C) progressing
D) vanishing
  • 5. Choose the word that best completes each of the following sentences in questions 5-10. The ........... programme against childhood diseases has ended.
A) vaccination
B) immunizaton
C) harmonization
D) injection
  • 6. The accused stated ..........that he was innocent of the crime
A) unequivocally
B) excitedly
C) feebly
D) ashamedly
  • 7. I was advised to open a..........account with the bank if I wanted to pay in cheques
A) loans
B) deposit
C) savings
D) current
  • 8. The pastor addressed a sonorous voice
A) audience
B) masses
C) congregation
D) spectators
  • 9. The civilian head of state a military coup d├ętat
A) discharged
B) empowered
C) enthroned
D) ousted
  • 10. After much debate on the controversial issue, the meeting was............till the next morning.
A) postponed
B) adjourned
C) delayed
D) proscribed
  • 11. Choose the interpretation that you consider most appropriate for each sentence in 11-16. Bukola has an infectious smile. This means that Bukola
A) spreads infection when she smiles
B) makes others smile when she smiles
C) becomes infected when she smiles
D) has sores in her teeth
  • 12. It is cold comfort to tell a hungry man that starvation improves health. This means that telling a hungry man this is
A) consoling
B) frightening
C) hypocritical
D) unhelpful
  • 13. Nonso's father gave him a free hand to run the family business.This means that his father
A) assisted him freely
B) allowed him to make his own decisions
C) made him sole owner of the business
D) allowed him freedom of movement in the premises
  • 14. You must be speaking with your tongue in your cheek. This means that you
A) have food in your mouth
B) must be very serious
C) must be thinking of something else
D) don't mean what you are saying
  • 15. The girl went scot-free even though she started the fight. This means that the girl was
A) unpunished
B) free to move about
C) punished
D) expelled from school
  • 16. Mary Onyali won the race by a hair's breadth. This means that Mary won
A) luckily
B) convincingly
C) comfortably
D) narrowly
  • 17. Choose the word that is nearest in meaning to the CAPITALIZED word in questions 17-23. The criminal was INCARCERATED.
A) cautioned
B) arrested
C) imprisoned
D) pardoned
  • 18. The Manager soon found out that my sister was a COMPETENT typist
A) capable
B) hardworking
C) patient
D) careless
  • 19. At the INCEPTION of his administration, the Governor was very popular.
A) peak
B) end
C) dissolution
D) beginning
  • 20. The PLAINTIFF was dissatisfied with the decision of the court
A) solicitor
B) accused
C) respondent
D) complainant
  • 21. The judge was INCORRUPTIBLE.
A) unreliable
B) honest
C) frank
D) incorrigible
  • 22. Mr. Preye is a STERN father.
A) strict
B) conservative
C) loving
D) wicked
  • 23. Amina often makes DEROGATORY remarks about her husband.
A) belittling
B) arrogant
C) discreet
D) laudable
  • 24. Choose the word or group of words that best completes each of the following sentences in questions 24-30. For such a serious offence, Etim was lucky to .......with a fine.
A) away
B) get on
C) get off
D) get away
  • 25. The members of the Association were just rounding......their discussion when the police arrived n
A) in
B) up
C) off
D) of
  • 26. I could not attend the meeting, so I asked my sister to stand.....for me
A) by
B) up
C) in
D) on
  • 27. He is Mr. Bello's son.........?
A) isn't he
B) is it
C) he
D) he is
  • 28. You will help me with my assignment,...............?
A) can you
B) won't you
C) would you
D) could you
  • 29. I brought my
A) very green first party dress
B) first green very party dress
C) green very party first dress
D) very first green party dress
  • 30. ...................a new teacher, she does not know much about the behaviour of the students
A) Being
B) Been
C) Having been
D) Having being
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