Interactionist Developmental Perspective
__1. Charles H. CooleyA. aims to understand human behavior
__2. Erving GoffmanB. is a theoretical perspective that understands social proces
__3. individual’s perceptionC. are socially created and fluid, instead of natural and stati
__4. InteractionistD. one of the forefathers of this theoretical perspective
__5. Men and womenE. are expected to perform their gender to the naturalized
__6. Social interactionF. the author of the theory of the “looking-glass self” (1902)
__7. Symbolic InteractionismG. is based primarily how society views him or her
__8. thegoal of social interactionH. is to communicate with others
__9. The meanings of symbolsI. emphasized that gender is maintained through accountability
__10. West & ZimmermanJ. is a face-to-face process that consists of actions, reaction
Answer Key
1.F  2.D  3.G  4.B  5.E  6.J  7.A  8.H  9.C  10.I
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