English Language Grade 7
  • 1. My grandfather walks slowly. The adverb "slowly" modifies
A) Adjective
B) Preposition
C) Verb
D) Noun
  • 2. Sally runs ______ than Lois
A) Fast
B) always fast
C) Fastest
D) Faster
  • 3. Brian drives ______.
A) Carefully
B) Careful
C) More Careful
D) More carefully
  • 4. Each country is responsible to keep ___________ for peace in region.
A) Working
B) Works
C) Worked
D) Work
  • 5. I'm sorry the house is not available any longer. It ______ to a timber tycoon
A) Was being sold
B) has been sold
C) will be sold
D) Is sold
  • 6. Why ___________ you break your promise?
A) Done
B) Did
C) Is
D) Does
  • 7. My father ___________ newspaper after getting up.
A) Reads
B) Is Reading
C) Is read
D) Read
  • 8. Which of these is used to express habitual actions?
A) Simple present tense
B) Present perfect tense
C) Present continuous tense
D) Past continuous tense
  • 9. Wait for us at home until I ___________ from office.
A) return
B) returns
C) returning
D) returned
  • 10. A true story about a real person's life. It is written by someone else.
A) Expository
B) Biography
C) Persuasive
D) Autobiography
  • 11. A figure of speech wherein a comparison is made between two unlike quantities using "like" or "as."
A) Irony
B) Metaphor
C) Simile
D) Personification
  • 12. A person in a story, or literary work.
A) Protagonist
B) Plot
C) Character
D) Antagonist
  • 13. There are ______ genres of literature.
A) 6
B) 1
C) 8
D) 3
  • 14. A play is acted on _________ .
A) Film
B) Field
C) Television
D) Stage
  • 15. The first sound in the word ‘eat’ is transcribed as
A) / I /
B) /i: /
C) / ea /
D) / et /
  • 16. Dipthongs are
A) Double vowel sounds
B) consonant sounds
C) Vowel sounds
D) Double consonant sounds
  • 17. Transcribe the word "choice"
A) /chɔɪs/
B) /shɔɪs/
C) /tʃɔɪz/
D) /tʃɔɪs/
  • 18. The 24 Alhabeth comprises of ____ sounds in English.
A) 56
B) 39
C) 44
D) 40
  • 19. /3:/ is found in the word _____ .
A) Gutter
B) Girl
C) House
D) Good
  • 20. /ə/ is a weak sound that occur in an unstressed syllable.It is also known as a _____ sound.
A) Shwa
B) Consonant
C) Stressed
D) Strong
  • 21. Which is odd in the options ?
A) ago
B) about
C) apple
D) along
  • 22. Pick out the odd one.
A) pace
B) trace
C) space
D) rice
  • 23. Pick out the odd one.
A) Fit
B) meet
C) bit
D) Sit
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