Flowers for Algernon Quiz
  • 1. Charlie fails his first inkblot test because he ...
A) is afraid of making a mistake in front of Dr. Strauss
B) thinks the test is boring
C) cannot understand what he is supposed to see besides the ink
D) sees images that upset him in the inkblots
  • 2. Why does Charlie agree to have the operation?
A) He wants to please Dr. Strauss and Miss Kinnian
B) He wants to beat Algernon in the maze test
C) He wants to be smart and know things like other people do
D) He wants to be able to get a better job
  • 3. What do the factory workers mean by saying someone "pulled a Charlie Gordon"?
A) Someone had an operation
B) Someone did something funny
C) Someone lost something
D) Someone did something stupid
  • 4. What makes Charlie sad when he takes Miss Kinnian out for dinner?
A) Miss Kinnian doesn't love him
B) Miss Kinnian thinks she was wrong to encourage him to have the operation
C) Miss Kinnian will refuse to have anything to do with him
D) He knows he will leave her behind intellectually
  • 5. Which of the following events was NOT caused by the event in which Charlie defends the boy in the restaurant?
A) Charlie decides to wokr in the field of human intelligence
B) Charlie is disgusted with himself for laughing at the boy
C) Charlie realizes how intelligent he has become
D) Charlie remembers how he also used to play the clown
  • 6. When Charlie becomes a genius, his most important discovery is ...
A) the Dr. Nemur doesn't know the work on experimental intelligence in India
B) that he has to communicate with Miss Kinnian on a simple level
C) that Algernon will soon die
D) his theory about how quickly artificially increased intelligence deteriorates
  • 7. Charlie leaves New York because ...
A) he can't get a job now that he isn't a genius
B) he doesn't want the men at the factory to laugh at him again
C) he doesn't want people to be sorry for him
D) his landlady throws him out because he hasn't paid rent
  • 8. Which of the following episodes is repeated in the story to make parallel episodes?
A) Charlie and Algernon are presented to the American Psychological Association
B) The factory workers get Charlie drunk
C) The factory workers force Charlie to leave his work
D) Charlie has an operation
  • 9. How is the subplot involving Charlie and the scientists resolved?
A) Charlie gives Dr. Strauss and inferiority complex
B) Dr. Nemur publishes his report and leaves Dr. Strauss out of it
C) Charlie overtakes them in intelligence and finds the flaw in their experiment
D) Dr. Strauss tries to visit Charlie, but Charlie won't let him in
  • 10. What is Charlie's main internal conflict throughout the story?
A) Trying to understand his own mind and the nature of intelligence
B) Trying to figure out what causes people to laugh at others
C) Trying to learn to read and spell correctly
D) Trying to get along with the factory workers
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