Johnny Tremain 1-3
  • 1. The setting of this novel is in whaich of the following cities?
A) Philadelphia
B) Richmond
C) Boston
D) New York
  • 2. Which of the following trades does Johnny wish to pursue at the beginning of the novel?
A) blacksmithing
B) silversmithing
C) accounting
D) printing
  • 3. Why does Johnny bully Dove?
A) Dove is older
B) Dove wants to marry Cilla
C) Johnny is proud
D) Dove is younger
  • 4. Why does Mr. Lapham disapprove of Johnny's attitude?
A) Johnny does not have the talent to justify his pride
B) Mr. Lapham is a dvout Christian who belives all people should be humble
C) Mr. Lapham dislikes Johnny because of his family
D) Mr. Lapham is jealous of Johnny's talent
  • 5. Why does John Hancock hire Mr. Lapham to make a sugar basin for a tea set?
A) Mr. Lapham has the reputation of making elaborate tea sets
B) Mr. Hancock has heard of Johnny's talent and wants to see it in action
C) Mr. Lapham was hte original craftsman
D) Mr. Hancock confuses Mr. Lapham with Paul Revere
  • 6. Why doesn't Johnny accept Paul Revere's offer to buy the remaining time on his contract with Mr. Lapham?
A) Johnny is the chief breadwinner in the Lapham household, everyone depends on him
B) Paul Revere is not as good at silversmithing as Mr. Lapham
C) Johnny is in love with Cilla and does not want to leave her
D) Johnny is too busy training to be a minute man
  • 7. How does Johnny injure his hand?
A) Dove pushes him onto the stove while he was working
B) Dove pours molten silver over his hand
C) Johnny accidentally picks up a piece of hot metal
D) Dove deliberately hands him a cracked crucible that bursts when Johnny uses it
  • 8. Johnny is related to which of the following wealthy merchants?
A) Paul Revere
B) Sam Adams
C) John Hancock
D) Jonathan Lyte
  • 9. Where is Johnny offered a job?
A) Boston Observer delevering papers
B) Chistopher Columbus's ship as a deckhand
C) Paul Revere's as a silversmith
D) Betsy Ross's sewing flags
  • 10. Who is Johnny's new friend?
A) Jehu, John Hancock's servant
B) Mr. Tweedie
C) Rab, the news clerk
D) Benjamin Franklin
  • 11. What does Johnny do with John Hancock's gift of silver coins?
A) buys shoes and gifts for Cilla and Isannah
B) buys a mechanical hand
C) gives it to Mrs. Lapham to help the family
D) pays for passage on a ship to England
  • 12. According to his mother's instructions, when should Johnny reveal his silver cup?
A) When he was alone and had no work
B) When he could no longer support himself as a silversmith
C) When he had nothing left and God himself had turned away his face
D) When he wanted to use the cup to get money
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