Johnny Tremain 7-9
  • 1. How does England react to the Boston Tea Party?
A) England refuses to give the colonies political representation, but they revoke all taxes on imported goods
B) England agrees to let hte colonies have political representation
C) England closes the ports of Boston in an attempt to force the city to pay for the tea
D) England hangs some of the culprits
  • 2. What job does Dove take after Tweedie fires him as a silversmith?
A) He becomes Paul Revere's apprentice
B) He becomes Lieutenant Stranger's horse boy
C) He becomes a clerk for Jonathan Lyte
D) He becomes Colonel Smith's horse boy
  • 3. How does Lavinia weaken the bond between Cilla and Isannah?
A) She refuses to allow Cilla to see Isannah
B) She treats Cilla like a common servant and Isannah like a prized pet
C) She tells Isannah that Cilla does not love her anymore
D) She confesses her own love for Johnny
  • 4. How does Johnny trick the British officers into letting him keep Goblin?
A) He pinches Goblin's side so that he bites the officer
B) He sends Goblin away to the country
C) He signs up for the British army
D) He waves a sheet at Goblin to make him spook and dump the officer
  • 5. What does Johnny discover when he and Cilla were at the Lyte's house in Milton?
A) He finds papers proving that Mr. Lyte is actually a Tory
B) He finds a family Bible with information about his parents
C) He finds out that Cilla still loves him
D) He finds James Otis hiding in the cellar
  • 6. What was Rab's punishment for trying to buy a musket illegally from a farmer?
A) He was given a warning and fined
B) He was tarred and feathered
C) He was put in jail overnight
D) He was called a child and sent home
  • 7. What happens to the apple Johnny gets from Cilla?
A) Rab eats it
B) Johnny keeps it forever
C) Johnny feeds it to Goblin
D) Rab puts it in the punch for the Observers
  • 8. Why are the Observers going to stop meeting?
A) The British have forbidden it
B) It is too dangerous to meet in such a large group
C) They realized that James Otis was actually a spy
D) They have accomplished their goal
  • 9. Who is a surprise visitor at the last meeting of the Observers?
A) King George III
B) George Washington
C) Benjamin Franklin
D) James Otis
  • 10. What does Sam Adams say he will work for in Philadelphia?
A) Fewer taxes
B) Peace
C) Tea
D) War
  • 11. According to James Otis, who should the colonists fight the war for?
A) For the rights of Englishmen everywhere
B) For the rights of Americans
C) For Boston's freedom from redcoats
D) For the rights of men, women, and children all over the world
  • 12. How does Lieutenant Stranger treat Johnny?
A) Like an apprentice
B) Like a slave
C) Like an equal in public but an inferior in private
D) Like an equal with horses but an inferior in public
  • 13. What deal is struck between Pumpkin and Johnny?
A) Johnny will encourage Cilla to marry Pumpkin in exchange for his musket
B) Johnny will join the British army in exchange for information
C) Johnny will get Pumpkin a job at the printing office in exchange for information
D) Johnny will get Pumpkin clothing and a ride out of town in exchange for his musket
  • 14. How did the Minute Men get bullets and gunpowder?
A) They sent to Europe for supplies
B) They borrowed supplies from the American Indians
C) They bought supplies from a general store
D) They made their own from things they had around the house/farm
  • 15. What happened to Pumpkin?
A) He became a spy for the patriots
B) He went back to England
C) He was killed for being a deserter
D) He made it to the country and became a farmer
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