Johnny Tremain 10-12
  • 1. What was the signal at Christ's Church?
A) Waving the American flag
B) There wasn't a planned signal
C) One lantern for land and two for the sea
D) One lantern for sea and two for the land
  • 2. Why didn't Johnny say goodbye to Rab when he left for war?
A) He didn't know Rab was leaving
B) He was worried that goodbye may be too permanent
C) He was jealous of Rab because of Cilla
D) He was not at home
  • 3. What was the significance of the information about the saddles and Colonel Smith's choice of horses?
A) It indicated they would be going into battle and traveling by land
B) It indicated they would be going into battle and traveling by water
C) It indicated Johnny's obsession with horses
D) It was just useless information
  • 4. What other man will ride to warn the Minute Men of the British conquest on Lexington and Concord?
A) John Hancock
B) Rab SIlsbee
C) Dr. Warren
D) Billy Dawes
  • 5. What was Johnny's role in warning the Minute Men before Lexington and Concord?
A) He was to tell Mr. Newman how many lanhterns to hang
B) He was to ride Goblin and help spread the alarm
C) He was to arn Cilla and Mrs. Bessie to hide
D) He was to row over with Paul Revere and return with information for Dr. Warren
  • 6. Why does the author use the simile "like a river of blood" to refer to the mass of recoated soldiers in Boston's streets?
A) The red coats symbolize the blood thirsty in this world
B) It shows how the British congregate in the streets
C) The red coats foreshadow the American deaths to come
D) The red coats show the difference between the British and colonists
  • 7. How has the meaning of the word "liberty" changed?
A) Liberty has come to mean a nation separate from the British
B) Liberty has come to mean dying for a just cause
C) Liberty had not changed at all
D) Liberty has come to mean that decisions should be made by elected men
  • 8. What happened to Miss Lavinia Lyte?
A) She wanted to marry Johnny
B) She died of typhus
C) She was accused of being a witch
D) She was going back to London to be married
  • 9. What happened to Cilla?
A) She was going back home to live with her mother and Mr. Tweedie
B) She was moving to London with the Lytes
C) She was taking care of the Lyte house during the war
D) She and Isannah were moving to France
  • 10. What happened to Uncle Lorne, Aunt Jenifer, and Rabbit?
A) They hid with the Silsbees at Silsbees Cove
B) They were moving to England
C) They were tragically killed by soldiers
D) They were going to hide by pretending to be servants of the Lytes
  • 11. When Johnny is disguised as a British soldier, what does he learn about the battle in Concord?
A) That Lieutenant Stranger was killed
B) That Colonel Smith was killed
C) That Colonel Smith was victorious
D) That COlonel Smith's forces were beaten badly
  • 12. What happened to Rab at the battle of Lexington?
A) He was instantly killed
B) He disappeared
C) He was arrested and jailed
D) He was wounded and didn't have long to live
  • 13. What did Johnny finally realize about Rab at the end of the book?
A) He didn't know Rab very well at all
B) He wanted to be just like Rab
C) He didn't respect Rab after all
D) He didn't like Rab very well at all
  • 14. Why did Rab send Johnny to Silsbee's Cove?
A) He wanted Johnny to hide with his family
B) He wanted Johnny to bring his grandfather to him
C) He didn't want Johnny to see him die
D) He wanted Johnny to feed the animals
  • 15. What good thing happened to Johnny at the end of the book?
A) Dr. Warren fixed his hand
B) He married Cilla
C) He joined the Minute Men
D) He received the bronze star
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